How to bake butternut squash


This Videojug presentation explains and demonstrates step-by-step how to prepare a healthy and delicious dish of butternut squash.

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1. Snip off the stalk at the end. Chop it down the middle and scoop out the seeds.Use a big spoon, and some of the flesh will come out. If some of the stringy stuff is still there, it really does not matter because it does taste really nice.

Note: The great thing about squash, any squash is that you can just leave them on the side of your counter for months really; they keep for a really long time.

2. Add a dash of olive oil, you can use hemp seed oil as well. Sprinkle with some salt or some ground pepper, or a bit of both. Add some alkalized or filtered water just in the bottom of the pan because the water goes back into the vegetable and you do not lose the flavor and you do not lose the moisture either.

3. Pop these into the oven on about two hundred degrees. Check them in about 30 minutes.

Note: If you have used the tip and added water to the butternut squash, you will see that there is water in the little dip, in the hole in the butternut squash, and that is fine; just be careful when you are eating it because, of course, it could be really hot.

4. Put on your plate.

One butternut squash is easy enough for two people, and with that, have a lovely big salad, maybe with a ton of raw spinach, with fresh sweet corn, grated sweet potatoes, grated carrot, drizzle over with some lemon juice, add a little bit of pepper, maybe add a dash of soya sauce as well. And there you have a really tasty and filling meal.

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