How often should we wash our clothes? Question divides internet


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Washing our clothes is such a standard part of our routine we never think to question how we do it, or how often; some of us wash items after every single wear, while others go by the ‘sniff test’.

Which is why one internet thread about how often we should wash our clothes is dividing opinions.

The thread on Mumsnet titled “Am I being unreasonable to not wear clean clothes everyday” began with original poster Happyhippy45 saying that her other half thought she was a “bit minky” as she doesn’t wash every item of her clothing every day.

“Clothes are not ‘dirty’, they don’t smell and I don’t want to wash them,” she wrote.


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“I hang them up on a peg/chair to air and wear another couple of times over the course of the week.”

Many Mumsnetters agreed that it isn’t necessary to wash clothes after each wear - and wasteful, too.

User Butterpuff said: “I’m with you. Unless they are dirty, its been hot, I’ve had sun cream on etc. they get used again the next day or later in the week.”

While JacquesHammer said: “I think it’s chronically wasteful to wash everything after one wear.


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“Pants/socks obviously get washed after each use. Vest tops (I always layer) usually after each but tees, jumpers, jeans certainly get more than one wear, especially in autumn/winter.”

Others, however, thought washing them this irregularly was a gross habit.

Cacofonix wrote: “Sorry but I think that’s minging.

“I wash everything daily except jeans and cardigans (jeans last 3-4 days; cardigans similar but get the smell test.

“I wash at least once a day, occasionally twice.


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“I think loads of people smell bad. Or look unwashed. But they don’t notice it themselves.”

The one thing most commenters had in common, at least, was how often they washed jeans and bras.

IneedAdinosaurNickname said: “Trousers are worn 2-3 times. Bras… don’t mention them. Everything else is clean daily.”

In other words, there aren’t many of us walking around with freshly-washed jeans.

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