These houseplants are tipped to be the most popular in 2021 – Here’s how to care for them

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The houseplant love is continuing to rise. (Getty Images)
The houseplant love is continuing to rise. (Getty Images)

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Our love of houseplants has risen to whole new levels in lockdown.

While we’re stuck at home, it makes sense that we’d turn to nature to help bring the outdoors in and give our mood a boost in the process.

Recent research from Google Trends reveals that after a tumultuous 2020, people are seeking solace in houseplants, which promote peace and wellbeing.

And houseplants look set to remain key mood-boosters in 2021, as people find comfort and joy in caring for greenery.

Want to know which plants your green-fingered neighbours will be stocking up on this year? has analysed the top ten houseplants tipped to be top of our shopping lists in 2021.

Plus, the team behind the site have provided advice on how to care for each and every one.

Essential knowledge for those, like us, who find that though we love plants, they don’t always love us back.

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The predicted top ten houseplants of 2021 and how to look after them

1) Money Tree

“In a time of increasing uncertainty, peace of mind at home can be encouraged by purchasing money trees,” says Chanel de Kock, country manager for the UK at

According to de Kock the term ‘money tree’ can refer to a few varieties of plant including the Pachira glabra, the Pachira aquatica and the Crassula ovata.

“Native to South America, the Pachira aquatica variety is best kept in a humid room. In dry homes this effect can be replicated by placing the plant on a saucer filled with water and pebbles (the evaporation will enhance humidity),” she advises.

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2) Peace Lily

Another tropical choice, the Peace Lily is native to the rainforests of Venezuela and Columbia, where they can grow up to 6 feet tall.

“Their big white bracts are not flowers, but are instead a modified white leaf, which will naturally turn green over time,” de Kock says.

“Peace lilies should be kept in bright or medium indirect light. These plants should be watered regularly with a mister and kept in an environment that is as humid as possible.”

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3) Snake Plant

Snake plants look set to be popular this year. (

According to de Kock, Snake Plants do not require much maintenance, and there are over 70 varieties with different sizes and shapes to choose from.

“The Sansevieria Futura Superba variety has yellow tinged leaves, and is best kept in very dry, desert-like conditions akin to its native Africa. Allow for periods of drought, watering it very infrequently.”

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4) Spider Plant

They were very popular in the 1970s and Spider Plants are now seeing a 2021 revival.

“Native to subtropical regions of Africa, Asia, and Australia, they are low maintenance, and during winter months they need very little watering,” says de Kock.

“But make sure to increase the room’s humidity. Waterlogged soil should be avoided at all costs, and they are best kept in bright to medium indirect light.”

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5) Bonsai Tree

More than a house plant, the Bonsai is a highly valued, centuries-old art form. “Proper plant care is vital, as is regular pruning with special sheers due to the speed with which its leaves grow,” advises de Kock.

She suggests the Ficus Ginseng variety could be a great choice for beginners thanks to its resilience. “It should be kept in lots of sunlight near a fresh air source, but away from harsh drafts,” she adds. “A good location would be on a windowsill, with the window kept only slightly ajar. Daily misting is advised, as this will allow you to avoid periods of drought or root-rot.”

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6) Prayer Plant

The Maranta Leuconeura Fascinator, or Prayer Plant, gets its name because its leaves fold upwards like praying hands in the evenings when the light is low.

“Due to its tropical origins in Central and South America, this plant is best kept in a humid area,” de Kock suggests. “Alternatively, make sure you mist it weekly, which might be needed more often during winter due to central heating being on.

“Avoid placing this plant near to any door or window drafts, and the same rule for all plants is that they should be kept away from radiators during the winter months.”

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7) Devil’s Ivy

Devil's Ivy is one of the easiest houseplants to care for. (

This hanging plant is particularly popular due to its ease of care. “It can largely be left to itself in indirect (bright) light,” says de Kock. “If it’s colour or markings begin to fade, that is a sign that it is not receiving enough light.

“Don’t water it as frequently in winter months and ensure to keep an eye on any curling leaves which indicate it needs a drink.”

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8) Chinese Money Plant

With its round leaves, the Chinese money plant grows incredibly fast. (

Originating from China, the Pilea Peperomioides or Chinese Money Plant has round, coin-shaped leaves that are said to inspire good fortune in the home. “This plant grows incredibly fast, so be sure to rotate it regularly to ensure even growth,” de Kock says.

“A warmer area of the home (but not directly next to a radiator) is best for these plants.”

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9) Banana Tree

The Banana tree is predicted to be popular this year. (

This exotic plant from the Musaceae family has rugged leaves and is a jack of all trades. “Specially cultivated varieties have been traditionally used as decorations, to wrap food in, or to make traditional banana beer or wine,” de Kock explains. “Be sure to fertilise and water it regularly to maximise growth.”

You should also only use banana plants specially grown for consumption if you wish to experiment with recipes.

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10) Christmas Cactus

The Schlumbergera truncate and Schlumbergera buckleyi are better known by the name Christmas Cactus.

“These special varieties of Cacti flower for two months from late November but do well throughout the year when kept in a well-lit area out of direct sunlight,” de Kock explains. “They require frequent and thorough watering but should not be left to sit in water.”

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