House prices have doubled in these UK towns and cities

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Photo credit: skarau - Getty Images

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Lockdown has caused many of us to re-evaluate our lives, including where we want to live.

For many of us who can work from home more, there's no longer a need to be in a big expensive city. There's also the draw of moving closer to family or wanting to simplify our day-to-day.

Unsurprisingly this has had a knock-on effect on the housing market for buyers who can afford to relocate, especially with cuts in stamp duty, causing house prices in some desirable post-lockdown locations to double.

Now The Times has revealed the most popular towns and villages across the UK that buyers are flocking to.

Those looking to relocate to, or within, Scotland are snapping up property in Aberdeen. Why? Well according to agents there, renewable energy jobs are driving the 164% year-on-year increase in sales. Plus, you can pick up a property for an average of £178,703.

When it comes to England's most popular post-lockdown property spot, it's not on the coast – as you might initially expect.

Broxbourne in Hertfordshire in the east of England has seen the biggest demand from buyers. Agents there say the green space and proximity to London there are hugely desirable to those looking for a better quality of life, outside of the capital. An average house in Broxbourne will set you back £385,136 – under the new stamp duty threshold of £500,000.

Other popular English towns and villages on the list include the South Hams in Devon, Ryedale in Yorkshire and Lewes in East Sussex.

Across the country in Wales, agents are now seeing multiple bids for properties in the Vale of Glamorgan – and that's all down to location. The M4 motorway is just next door, but there's enough gorgeous countryside to feel like you're miles from the city.

Read The Times' full property report here.

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