Your horoscopes for the whole of April

 (Farzad Mohsenvand / Unsplash)
(Farzad Mohsenvand / Unsplash)

Whenever it’s eclipse season, you can expect a few cosmically-wrapped surprises to unfold right before you. On April 20th, we have a new moon solar eclipse in Aries, which can reward you with a crystal clear vision of what you want to creatively pursue. As you stand on the edge of the eclipse, pop your self-deprecating thoughts in the shredder as Mercury Retrograde begins 24 hours later on the 21st.

In short, state your case in as few words as possible for your message to be received with more clarity and less confusion.

Aries or Aries rising

You have free rein to go all gung ho on your passion projects. Whilst you’re cruising in the carefree lane, don’t come back to normality until you’ve itched that scratch you’ve been dying to stroke. Infuse your ambitious nature into something with a long term promise and you’ll begin to see the seedling hatch in no time. Get lost in the unfolding process like an artistic muse, as that is just as rewarding as the mark of completion.

Taurus or Taurus Rising

You have the opportunity for a career refurbishment - if you let go of your attachment to your hollow perks. Even still, the benefits you think you’re getting now, are only touching the sides of your creative appetite - and you know it. Do the brave thing, and follow the compass points towards a shinier beginning. Think Tess McGill in Working Girl. Tally what you want more or less of, before you jump ship so you know where you stand.

Gemini or Gemini Rising

The more you take yourself seriously, the less reckless fun can be had. Whatever feedback you take in, don’t internalise it or let it become the story you run with. What does your own version of 13 going on 30 look like? Factor in comedy nights or an adult somersault into the mix, as it may deliver more healing than a ludicrously expensive coaching package. The trick is to uncover more of the *real you* in the playground of your inner child.

Cancer or Cancer Rising

It’s definitely a ‘take charge’ kind of month, over waiting for someone to glue all the missing puzzle pieces together. Even if you don’t consider yourself leader, you’ve been handed more leg room to pull the strings over your own fate. How can you look at a situation more objectively to unveil the bigger truth? The only acts of resistance you may have are the people on the sidelines who avoid new creative resolutions. Keep the message of Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect’ in your back pocket, because your cause is worthy of a fight.

Leo or Leo Rising

Lead with your gut instinct to uncover what career components need a reform. But first, it all starts with outlining what the heart of your mission statement truly is. Hit the weights to strengthen your inner core, and nothing can sway you off of your square. As you gather the ammunition before you light the fuse, keep in mind that this could be a prolific moment in your career evolution.

Virgo or Virgo Rising

If you don’t ask you don’t get, so cut out the humble requests and convert it into a humble brag. Perhaps, you’re used to asking for less than what you truly need, and if this is the case, you’ve been given the cosmic greenlight to ask for a well deserved surplus. Do you remember when Miranda Hobbes in Sex in the City negotiated her terms and conditions to become a partner at her firm? Better yet, this is the month to wield the gaps in your money consciousness to attract more by doing less.

Libra or Libra rising

Having a strong work team is an underrated privilege, and this is the month to immerse your talents within your working family. In fact, gnawing away at your tasks in silo won’t give you the inspiration you need to step into your creative bag. Plug in Missy Elliot’s ‘Work it’ and before you know it, you’ll see that your hard labour was more than worth it. Never forget, success always tastes better with good company.

Scorpio or Scorpio rising

Send out invites for accountability meet ups with your closest kin to put an end to past chapters. Reconciliation isn’t for the faint of heart, but when it’s done with wisdom and maturity it can correct the squiggly lines and typos in the personal history document. Rewriting what’s already passed is only accessible through a Dr. Who time machine, but what is possible is a new treaty that can be forever marked in time.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius rising

Double down on your social graces as you have the gift of the gab to pull in prestigious collaborators into your remit. Even if you have projects half polished, as long as you can present the core of your ideas with dashing wit, you can easily win over your target audience. Ditch the Netflix binges for a random networking event, you never know whose shoulders you may rub up against.

Capricorn or Capricorn rising

Whatever you consider a creative act, take the plunge and throw caution to the wind. If you want to feel more, ponder on the hues of possibilities that have been marinating in your mind. Swap over consumption for creativity and you’ll experience a climatic identity rebirth.

Aquarius or Aquarius rising

Identify where you feel the most internal tension as it’s been waiting to be set free. Start the month with a healthy dose of self honesty. To find the key to the inner padlock, take a look where you may have been playing both the captor and prisoner. In a twisted turn of fate, even Stockholm Syndrome can be turned inwards, whereby we begin to believe our own emotionally driven fables.

Pisces or Pisces rising

As the old motto goes ‘chop wood and carry water’ the more you devote yourself to the basics, the higher you can climb to your future visions. Uncomplicate your life by drawing boundaries around anything that gives off a scent of ‘drama’. In fact, it wouldn’t harm you to carry a few pegs of garlic in your bag, to cut off the supply to any potential energy vampires.

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