Horoscopes: 24th - 30th June 2022

 (Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay )
(Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay )

Aries: Put down the spinning plates and treat your earthly vessel like the temple it deserves to be. As tempted as you may be to run the race at 100 miles per hour, choose the slow lane for once.

Taurus: Pack your backpack with the bare essentials as you may embark on an expansive quest elsewhere. Where would you like to taste new air? If you’re in a space of restriction, simply cut the chains.

Gemini: If your life were a canvas, what would you like to see? Dig out your paintbrush. Experiment with colour, textures and tones to make something beautiful and bring it to the fore.

Cancer: Make like Ariana Grande and don’t be afraid to say ‘thank u, next’ to anything holding your growth hostage. Know your limits and keep your North Star in mind when making decisions.

Leo: Foundations, stability and security are the key ingredients you’ll be working with in your recipe book. Build the scaffolding in the right places and decorate your sanctuary for ultimate bliss.

Virgo: Speak goodness into all things as your words could make something bloom or wilt more than ever before. Communication requires a delicate touch to avoid the inevitable dramas.

Libra: Answer the call to cross the bridge of a new beginning in your home arena. If you’ve been feeling lost or invisible, you have the opportunity to anchor yourself and find some perspective.

Scorpio: Sink into your inner child. Give yourself permission to be messy and unravel your genius. Embrace your authoritative side and become a multi-hyphenate; you may find something new to add to your toolbox.

Sagittarius: Read your terms and conditions from top to bottom — it’s the small details that can add value to your grander vision. Plan ahead before you jump — or leap — into your next escapade.

Capricorn: Who do you choose to be your ride or die, the Thelma to your fiery Louise? You’ll land in the right spaces as long as you have that trusted right-hand by your side.

Aquarius: You are the anti-zeitgeist protagonist in the epicentre of the cultural diaspora. Your witty insights on the taboo can spark new trends in your sphere. Don’t hold anything back.

Pisces: Sit by the open fire and burn away thoughts of self doubt that are clouding your vision of the future. Wear your tin foil hat with pride and conjure up your most pioneering ideas.