HOROSCOPES: 15th - 21st July 2022

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 (Gordon Johnson)
(Gordon Johnson)

Aries: Quit trying to beat the rush hour and choose the slow lane. Your inner landscape is rich in visions and imagery, so take a breath. The further you can see, the more that lies ahead.

Taurus: Lights! Camera! Action! Life may feel like a bit of a show at the moment, so choose your own role and don’t let anything dictate your steps. If you behave otherwise, you may incite a riot.

Gemini: Commitment, tenacity and persistence are your three kings this week. Impulse won’t get you far this time. Slow your roll and move at a snail’s pace. You’ll thank yourself later.

Cancer: Fix your barnet because you can expect the curtains to fling open in your relationship zone. You may have a chance to rewrite old love stories, with a Jane Austen-style touch.

Leo: Alright DJ Khaled, cool it with the super-splurging. Take a deep breath, open your banking app and look at your finances for new ways to be resourceful. Your piggy bank can grow exponentially.

Virgo: The clouds have parted and the sun’s luminous rays are shining down upon you. You’re at the brink of a new beginning, so take fate into your own hands and explore the greener grass.

Libra: Snip, snip! To take your rightful position among the greats, you must cull anything that’s holding you back from stepping into your rightful leadership role. How can you guide the squad?

Scorpio: If the people around you only remember the all-millennial-pink-wearing version of you, then remind them how far you’ve come. Don’t erect your tent in the past. Forward progress only.

Sagittarius: If you’ve been painting the town red for too long, now is the time to slink away and chill out. Whether you’re opting for Love Island or War and Peace, it doesn’t matter, now’s the time to be still.

Capricorn: Take note of who and what inspires you. How can you merge a collective of visions to build the ultimate accomplishment? Set up a dream team that might actually have a shot at gold.

Aquarius: Your inner security is up for reassessment and realignment. What does stability look like for you? How sturdy is your fortress? Take a look at the blueprint to come up with a major masterplan.

Pisces: It’s time to initiate some much-needed conversations to cleanse your palate. Make your words digestible to remove any lingering aftertastes and keep any over-the-top drama at bay.

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