Honing a sales pitch: Rose Hill student reports huge cookie sales

May 8—ASHLAND — It was a good year for a Rose Hill Christian School fourth-grader, who sold a whopping 1,276 boxes of Girl Scout cookies this season.

Alayna Hayes did the work with no help (except for driving) from her parents, her dad, Frankie Hayes, said.

"She did the legwork and the selling," he said. "She would go take orders and then gather and deliver her cookies, along with going and sitting in front of retail locations and selling."

The 10-year-old sold cookies as far away as Pikeville. She also hit up her dad's work, her school and her mother's neighborhood in Grayson.

Her father said he did some research and found a high number of boxes sold by one Girl Scout in one season is 125 to 200 boxes. The Wilderness Road Council confirmed Hayes's sales were high, but did not provide information about record-setting sales.

Alayna said she has a sales secret: "I'm usually crazy at home and when I am selling, I almost have a different voice and act," she said, but she added hard work helped her succeed.

While her favorite is Thin Mints, Caramel DeLites were her best seller.

"Everybody loves them because they are caramel and delicious," she said.

The girl had the incentive of free summer camp in July if she sold at least 1,200 boxes of cookies.

"In July, I'm going to SomerSplash (water park in Somerset)," she said. "I think it is going to be so fun because you get to swim and go in caves." She said she most looks forward to crawling through caves and swimming.

She is a member of Troop 5290, which meets at Louisa Elementary School. Its troop leader is Alyssa Griffith.

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