Homicide New York: Where is Arohn Kee now?

 Homicide New York: Where is Arohn Kee now?.
Homicide New York: Where is Arohn Kee now?.

The fifth and final episode of Netflix's Homicide: New York has chilled viewers to the bone, leaving many asking 'where is Arohn Kee now?'

True crime fans have been shocked, horrified and intrigued by Netflix's latest true crime series Homicide: New York, watching along as detectives, victims, and their families detail some of the city's most infamous crimes.

It's left many to wonder, from episode two,  where killer Daphne Abdela is now and, after watching the third instalment, what the similarly cold-blooded killer Joseph Pabon is doing now. But it's not just the killers they're intrigued by. Some of the victims, including Howard Pilmar and Jennifer Stahl, have also found themselves in the spotlight, with people wanting to know more about them.

But even after watching the show's first four episodes, and binging streaming service's many other true crime shows like Under the Banner of Heaven on ITVX or Netflix's Deadwater Fell, or even the US film The Girl in the Basement, Homicide: New York's fifth and final episode was particularly horrifying.

The episode, East Harlem Serial Killer, details the crimes of Arohn Kee, crimes that spanned almost a decade from 1991 to 1997. Known as both the East Harlem rapist and the East Harlem serial killer, he killed at least three teenage girls and sexually assaulted many more.

In 1999, he was eventually convicted on 22 counts of murder, rape and robbery, including the murders of Paola Illera in 1991, Johalis Castro in 1997, and Rasheeda Washington in 1998.

Arohn Kee
Arohn Kee

Where is Arohn Kee now?

Following his arrest in 1997, Arohn Kee has been in prison and will remain there for the rest of his life, just like Sean Salley and Andre Smith, the killers from the show's first episode. He was detained by a SWAT team at The Sun Hotel in downtown Miami in 1997 and subsequently charged in December 1999 of 22 counts of murder, rape, sodomy, and robbery.

During the trial, he was found guilty of the murder of three young women and the rape of four others. He was subsequently given multiple life sentences as well as bring sentenced to 400 years in prison without the possibility for parole, meaning he will never leave prison and walk the streets as a free man again.

The last that was heard of the killer was in 2009 when NBC New York reported that he was selling 'rape cards' from prison, profiting off of his crimes by writing detailed descriptions of his misdeeds and selling the stories. Unfortunately, as Kee did not write the names of the victims on these cards, the authorities could not prosecute him for the crime as law states you can only prosecute convicts who capitalise on their crimes by using the victims’ names. Prison authorities did however claim that they had restricted his mail and would consider putting him in solitary confinement should he continue to sell the cards.