Homeopathy to relieve stress

Homeopathy to relieve stress
Homeopathy to relieve stress

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Stress is unfortunately a part of our modern lives, whether we come across it at work or at home. It is a very common reaction that comes up when we’re faced with situations that seem hostile. Stress can provoke a fear of not being able to deal with things and can even make us ill.

It’s difficult to avoid stress in a world where modern life keeps piling pressure on us. But the homeopathic response can prove to be an invaluable and effective alternative to relieve stress.

Homeopathy has two objectives. It offers basic treatment for the way we respond to the ups and downs in life, so that we can get back on an even keel, and crisis treatment, which is specifically suited to a situation and the symptoms it causes – in this case stress.

Homeopathy: a holistic and highly personalised remedy

Homeopathy is a particularly suitable form of alternative medicine for stress and the disorders it can provoke, with a very personalised approach.

So, what is its major advantage of homeopathic treatment? Homeopathy is a holistic remedy, never dissociating physical symptoms (migraine, insomnia, back ache) with the patient’s mental state. Simply put, before any diagnosis and prescription, a homeopathic consultation requires a lengthy preliminary discussion. Getting to know the patient like this means the origins of the stress can be established, as well as the patient’s response according to his or her “condition”.

Each person is thrown off balance by stress in our own particular way. For example, you could constantly be unable to cope or be able to put it off till the future indefinitely. You may react to stress with anxiety attacks or inversely, becoming really overbearing with others.

During the homeopathic consultation, a questionnaire (about your mind, general state of health and even your sensitivity to the weather) means that the way you react to outside stimuli can be identified and thus your unique homeopathic profile and ensuing basic treatment can be established.

Some common basic homeopathic treatments for ongoing stress

  • Argentum Nitricum is suitable for people who are in a hurry, always chasing time – who are often very emotional and prone to digestive problems;

  • Phosphorus settles down fiery characters. In meetings such people are often enthusiastic, but fade just as quickly as they flared up. They are often hyperactive and are prone to periods of complete exhaustion;

  • Sepia calms down those highly anxious people who feel such an acute sense of duty that they put up with more than they can manage, at the price of their equanimity and wellbeing.

Homeopathic treatments for crisis situations of stress

Sometimes we have to deal immediately with particular events that provoke extreme stress. Before the right homeopathic remedy can be chosen, it is necessary to diagnose exactly what type of stress it is and the reactions it has triggered.

Homeopathy also acts on immediate symptoms, while altering the patient’s condition on a long-term basis. Homeopathic practitioners often recommend one of these four remedies for stress-related problems:

  • Ignatia is effective for dealing with ongoing aggravation, when you’ve had all you can take and have reached the limit. This could be related to ongoing work-related or relationship stress;

  • Gelsemium sempervirens helps calm stress in the case of nervous anticipation, which regularly prevents you from sleeping, such as before an exam or a big life event such as marriage;

  • Arnica Montana can help relieve the stress of mental anguish caused by a sudden emotional shock, such as a break up or bereavement;

  • Ambergris helps those who feel stressed in public situations, such as meetings and presentations, fell more confident in themselves.

Do note that ongoing stress is often a warning sign that you need to make some changes in your lifestyle, and your homeopathic consultation will underline this.

In the meantime, the basics of a balanced diet, a good sleep pattern and regular physical exercise are all essential along with homeopathic treatment for you to regain your stability and ramp that stress down.

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