Homebase launches 'green' shopping aisles for environmentally-friendly DIY

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The aisles, photographed here, are perfect for environmentally-friendly DIY enthusiasts. (SWN)
The aisles, photographed here, are perfect for environmentally-friendly DIY enthusiasts. (SWN)

Environmentally-friendly DIY lovers can now experience the first ever “green shopping aisle” at select Homebase stores, complete with real grass walkways and foliage.

The aisle will be full of products aimed to make homes more sustainable and the aisles themselves will be lined with evergreen climbers and lush vegetation.

The aesthetically-pleasing green aisles will be initially launched in five stores - Haringey in London, Edinburgh, Bridgend, Birmingham and Leeds - with more to follow.

The hardware store chain has partnered with Smart Energy GB to showcase how shoppers can make their homes more sustainable.

The aisle, pictured, is the first of its kind. (SWNS)
The aisle, pictured, is the first of its kind. (SWNS)

The idea was created after Homebase found that 74% of its shoppers wanted to make their homes “greener” but didn’t know where to start or what they needed to buy.

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Craig Phillips, DIY expert and one of the first to visit “The Green Aisle” in Haringey, said: “I’ve helped hundreds of people improve their homes over the years by making small changes which have a big impact - the same is true for taking small energy efficiency measures in the home.

“It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to making greener choices.

“The Green Aisle helps make this process even easier for people by identifying which products are more environmentally-friendly, and likewise understand the positive impact they can have.

“Whether you’re in the market for new LEDs or eco-friendly paint, something we can all do now is to speak to your energy supplier about getting a smart meter installed.

“Each installation is a step towards a lower carbon future for Britain and can help you manage your energy use.”

DIY expert, Craig Phillips, was one of the first to see The Green Aisle. (SWNS)
DIY expert Craig Phillips was one of the first to see 'The Green Aisle'. (SWNS)

Research conducted by Smart Energy GB of 4,000 UK homeowners found that people were equally motivated by money-saving and environmental awareness when it came to making their houses greener.

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The step towards a more sustainable way of living follows a different path for many people. While some are looking to make their houses smarter (34%) others would like their appliances to be more energy efficient (38%).

If you don’t happen to fall within the regions of the first five stores, The Green Aisle is available online, too.

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