Home left abandoned for five years listed for £110,000 - rubbish and rotting food included

Is this Britain's 'filthiest' home? (SWNS)
Is this Britain's 'filthiest' home? (SWNS)

A home that has been left cluttered with rubbish and rotting food after being abandoned five years ago is being offered for sale “as seen” with a guide price of £110,000.

Auction House South Yorkshire listed the "exciting" three-bed home for auction and added that it was in "need of refurbishment".

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While there's no word on why the home was abandoned, once cleaned it could offer the perfect fixer-upper for a first time buyer.

The terraced home, nestled in the Hillsborough suburb of Sheffield, comes fully furnished - with rubbish, rotting food, and heaps of bin bags scattered in every room.

The house will take a fair bit of redecorating (SWNS)
The house will take a fair bit of redecorating (SWNS)

So prospective buyers will have to get their hands dirty and clean it themselves to turn the mountains of waste into their "forever home".

The three-story house boasts a cellar in the lower ground level, a kitchen and living room on the ground floor, three bedrooms and a family bathroom.

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The kitchen features a stained cooker, rusty pots and pans, and surprisingly, a half-used bottle of washing up liquid.

Wallpaper in the top bedroom has been stripped off, revealing the brick wall behind.

There's bunk beds in one of the bedrooms and a leather chair in the bathroom (SWNS)
There's bunk beds in one of the bedrooms and a leather chair in the bathroom. (SWNS)

The shared bathroom offers a unique experience - as it has been fitted with a leather chair alongside the bath.

The listing adds the property is just a stone’s throw away from an array of bars, restaurants and shops as well as a tram and bus stop with links into the city centre.

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However, social media users reacted with shock after it was posted by the auction house in the state it had been left in.

Craig Beresford, commenting on Facebook, quipped: “Hope furniture's NOT included.”

The garden is completely overgrown (SWNS)
The garden is completely overgrown. (SWNS)

Some people were more hopeful however. Elyse Maria Bingham joked she had finally found her "forever home".

She commented: “After having some setbacks and a few hurdles to jump over, we've finally bagged our forever home.”

You can view the listing at auctionhouse.co.uk/southyorkshire

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