Our Home Gym Version of The Latest CrossFit Open Workout ’23.3’ Blows up Your Shoulders

15minute dumbbell workout
Take on Our Home Gym Version of CrossFit's 23.3 Hearst Owned

The CrossFit Open presented its final test to wannabe CrossFit Games athletes this week, with a monstrous test of shoulder strength, skipping-rope skill and stamina. We’ve already shared the lowdown on how you should tackle the 12-minute finale from one of the UK’s fittest men – which you can read right here – as well as wisdom on how to approach each and every open workout from our MH Elite coaches.

But if you’re looking to challenge yourself from the *ahem* ‘comfort’ of your own home, then all you need is a single dumbbell to take on our modified 12 minute shoulder scorcher.

This accessible workout will put your bodyweight skills, strength and fitness to the test, spiking your heart rate, ramping up your metabolism, crushing your core and setting those deltoids on fire.

After a thorough warm-up (or as a finisher to your regular workout) start a 12-minute countdown and complete as many rounds as possible of the following triple-headed challenge. Rest only as necessary to keep your form tight (and avoid face planting on the wall walks) but keep moving at a challenging pace — this is your chance to really test yourself.

If you’ve got a skipping rope, switch out the mountain climbers for double-unders or double the reps and just count single rotations of your rope.

12-minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

handstand wall walk exercise
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1.Wall Walks x 5

Assume a strong press-up position with your feet touching a wall behind you (A). Move your feet up the wall, one step at a time, while simultaneously walking your hands backwards. Continue moving up and back until you’re fully inverted, flat against the wall , or with your hands as close to the wall as possible (B). Slowly and under control, reverse the movement, walking your hands forward and feet down until you’re back in your press-up position. This is one rep.

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2. Mountain Climbers (or Double-Unders) x 50

After your final wall walk, stay in your press-up position and move directly into mountain climbers. Explosively bring your knee towards your chest and then back out (A), keeping your back straight and hips low. Quickly alternate legs (B) and aim for a fast, controlled rhythm. If you have a rope but haven’t unlocked double-unders yet, perform 100 single skips.

db snatch
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3. Alternating Dumbbell Snatches x 15

Hinge down and grab your dumbbell from on the ground between your legs, keep your knees soft and back flat (A). Explosively drive up through your hips and knees, generating momentum to help pull the dumbbell directly overhead in one fluid movement (B). Once locked out overhead, quickly return the dumbbell to the ground, switch hands either as the dumbbell is descending or once its on the ground. Repeat alternating arms each rep

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