Holly Willoughby criticises 'The Crown' for rehashing Charles and Camilla 'tampongate' conversation

Watch: Holly Willoughby disagrees with the 'tampongate' scandal being put in The Crown

Holly Willoughby has called out Netflix's new series of The Crown for including the 'tampongate' private conversation between the King and the Queen Consort.

On Thursday's episode of This Morning, the presenter expressed her disapproval of this particular royal family scandal – "something none of us ever should have heard" – being rehashed again.

"There is a scene in particular and a lot of people feel incredibly uncomfortable with it because of the nature of what was being discussed,’ Willoughby said.

"It was a phone call that was publicised at the time between Camilla and Charles and it was a private conversation and something none of us ever should have heard."

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Holly Willoughby has spoken about the tampongate scandal in The Crown, pictured arriving for the Pride of Britain Awards held at the The Grosvenor House Hotel, London. (Getty Images)
Holly Willoughby says putting out the 'tampongate' scandal again 'must be painful' for the royal family. (Getty Images)

In 1993, a transcript of the pair's private call was leaked at a time when they were both married to other people (Charles and Diana separated in 1922, divorcing in 1996, and Camilla and Andrew Parker Bowles started living apart in 1993, divorcing in 1995).

The conversation itself reportedly took place in 1989, which included them expressing their desire for each other and Charles joking about being a Tampax to be able to be closer to Camilla.

"We aren't going to talk about it and I don't think any of us should be talking about it. If it was in today's current guidelines, it was phone hacking and would have been illegal so I think it should be based on that still now," added Willoughby firmly.

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Willoughby, alongside co-host Phillip Schofield, discussed the scandals shown in the fifth season with Charles’ former Communications Secretary Kristina Kyriacou.

"To have that put out there again for everybody to witness and see and talk about, and be entertained by it essentially, your private thoughts, I mean that must be painful for the family," she added.

Britain's King Charles III and Britain's Camilla, Queen Consort are welcomed to the City of York during a ceremony at Micklegate Bar during their visit to York, northern England on November 9, 2022 as part of a two-day tour of Yorkshire. - Micklegate Bar is considered to be the most important of York's gateways and has acted as the focus for various important events. It is the place The Sovereign traditionally arrives when entering the city. (Photo by James Glossop / POOL / AFP) (Photo by JAMES GLOSSOP/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)
The King and Queen Consort are welcomed to the City of York during a ceremony at Micklegate Bar on November 9, 2022. (Getty Images)

"Holly, you're absolutely right," responded Kyriacou. "All of us have had private conversations in our lifetime that we very much hope will remain private and not go to family members or our loved ones or children."

Kyriacou added, "It was a very embarrassing moment but they dusted themselves off at the time that phone recording was made public and they got out and did what they do, which is public service."

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Dominic West, who plays Prince Charles, spoke last month about filming the scene with Olivia Williams, who plays Camilla Parker Bowles. "I remember thinking it was something so sordid and deeply, deeply embarrassing [at the time]," he told Entertainment Weekly.

"Looking back on it, and having to play it, what you're conscious of is that the blame was not with these two people, two lovers, who were having a private conversation.

"What's really [clear now] is how invasive and disgusting was the press's attention to it, that they printed it out verbatim and you could call a number and listen to the actual tape. I think it made me extremely sympathetic towards the two of them and what they'd gone through."

The conversation features in episode five of The Crown, 'The Way Ahead'.