Holly Willoughby accidentally swears on This Morning

This Morning's Philip Schofield looked shocked when his co-presenter Holly Willoughby accidentally said 'oh s***' during a live broadcast on the ITV daytime show's Halloween special.

Video transcript


HOLLY WILLOUGHBY: OK, I don't know what that does.


I know what that is.

- OK, that's it. That's time up.


- You what that--


HOLLY WILLOUGHBY: Sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry. I might have just something-- like I said, I'm so sorry. I just dropped it down. I'm so sorry.

- I'm sorry, I think that Holly Willoughby may have just sworn.

PHILIP SCHOFIELD: I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.

- And for that, I can only apologize. And she, will after the show, be hanging in the car part with Matthew Wright.

HOLLY WILLOUGHBY: It wasn't Holly, it was Wednesday.

- I raised you better than that.

HOLLY WILLOUGHBY: I'm so sorry. I think, because I'm trying to write it down, I think it's a shoe dryer.