Hilary Duff just made tinsel hair chic and it's giving peak Lizzie McGuire vibes

hilary duff’s new tinsel hair is giving us lizzie mcguire vibes
Hilary Duff's tinsel hair *screams* Lizzie McGuireArturo Holmes - Getty Images

It may have been a while since Lizzie McGuire blessed our screens, but she's never far from our minds (and hearts). Whilst we might not ever get over her failed reboot (RIP), there's no denying the joy (and nostalgia) we feel from seeing Hilary Duff. Whilst it seems Hilary never has a bad hair day, a recent appearance has us experiencing even more hair envy than usual. We're talking about her recent tinsel hair, and it's way more chic than it sounds.

The How I Met Your Father actress donned a mustard suit to make an appearance on the Kelly Clarkson Show to talk about series two of her show, but what we were focused on was her hair.

It's so subtle that you may have missed it in your first viewing (I certainly did), but Hilary actually has very fine strings of iridescent tinsel running through her blonde locks. They hit the light in the most perfect way, take a look for yourself:

The A Cinderella Story star really has done the impossible and made tinsel chic. We salute you, Hilary.

While we may have experimented with the Y2K tinsel hair trend back in the day, ours ended up looking more Eurovision than classy holographic highlights.

This hair magic was done by none other than hairstylist, Nikki Lee who's Hilary's go-to hair guru, and we're sure Lizzie would have approved. Please deliver some more close-ups of the hair, we beg.

Any excuse we have to use tinsel all-year-round goes down well in our books, and we particularly love how the strands seamlessly blend in with her blonde hair. All we need now, is a hair tutorial. Oh, and A Cinderella Story 2. Please and thank you.

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