Bizarre high-cut swimsuit leaves shoppers bewildered

Holly Hales
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
The divisive look leaves little to the imagination. Photo: ASOS

very high-cut swimsuit may be among the most bizarre yet after its design led shoppers to label the look a 'monstrosity'.

The swimwear, which is being sold at Topshop, caused a stir online due to a lack of material around the hips, leaving some customers to fear they’d be left exposed.

Hallmarked by a barely-there hemline, the trendy bandeau-style one-piece also sports a tropical print - but it wasn’t this that left so many grappling.

"(That’s) nasty chafe waiting to happen,” observed one user.

"What the everlasting f*** is this?" asked another, before labelling the look ‘a monstrosity’.

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One potential customer let followers know her very honest thoughts. Photo: Twitter/eleanorturney

Followers were quick to respond to the query, with one quipping the design includes just ‘two small triangles and a belt’.

"It's like ASOS' clear trousers, they just won't work in real life.”

The costume’s designer, Jaded London, described their creation as ‘super summery in style’ before noting its ‘high leg design’.

The high-cut look has left shoppers baffled. Photo: ASOS

However, despite its eye-catching glory, the bathers are far from the first to grab the public’s attention.

Earlier this year a skimpy swimsuit caused a stir due to its low-cut sideboob top while another memorable offering gained attention for just how little it left to the imagination.

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