Hidden Rainbow Hair Is Here And We Are All Obsessed


[Photo: Not Another Salon/ Instagram]

Okay, so we’ve all seen some cool coloured hair in the past but we can all agree that the latest style to go viral is the coolest yet: hidden rainbow hair.

For once this rainbow trend is actually on our own turf and comes from East London’s, Not Another Salon - horaah.

The hairdo was created by colourist Carla Rinaldi who documented the making of the masterpiece on their Instagram.

Creating the look seems like no easy task as each section needs to be kept completely separate. The upkeep is also hard work with the colour only lasting a week or two but hey, it’s totes worth it because it just looks so pretty.

Apart from its absolute dreaminess one of the main reasons why we are all so obsessed is because of the hidden aspect.

Most of us at some point in our lives have thought about dying our hair a crazy colour but have chickened out or deemed it NSFW.

Now, this creation is the perfect mix of demure and dreamy. It’s like having one magical secret party on your head.

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