Hermès Men’s Fall 2024

A sporty air has been breezing through Paris, with designers upgrading track and field staples in luxury and technical fabrics for men on the go.

Véronique Nichanian tapped into that trend at Hermès, lending her playful touch to everything from outerwear to eveningwear. She added a dusting of sparkles to a jet black suit; paired English checks and herringbone fabrics with lightweight rubber, and played around with traditional argyle patterns, stretching them into new, off-kilter shapes, or transforming them with pixelations.

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She described her collection as “dandy-chic” and said she was designing for versatility. Indeed, Nichanian isn’t the only designer to prioritize multitasking, layer-able clothing. It’s becoming a more difficult time for luxury, and designers are looking for ways to make their clothing work hard, and endure.

These pieces had a sporty-city feel in the shape of rubber coats and jackets with wool check linings and pocket flaps; hoodie tops layered under herringbone coats, and glammed-up fleece-y jackets with luxurious knitted collars.

In place of ties there were cowl-neck tops, turtleneck sweaters, or loose handkerchief style scarves, adding a further sporty edge.

Her color palette was also very much du jour. This season, designers have been adding shots of chartreuse, citrine and aubergine to their usual wintry cocktail of gray, black, brown and olive — and Nichanian was no exception.

A short, sporty jacket in chartreuse, a herringbone coat with a greenish tinge, and those wacky argyle patterns on vest tops will ensure this charming collection stands out in the crowd.

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