Here’s Why You Should Never Cover The Toilet Seat With Loo Roll Before You Go


Here’s why you shouldn’t put loo roll on the seat before you pee [Photo: Rex Features]

We all know that public loos can be a bit hit or miss. And if you’re forced to use a toilet that’s more on the miss side you might be tempted to put a layer of toilet roll down on the seat before you pee. You know because of germs and everything.

Yeah, you might want to stop doing that.

New research from The Sun has revealed that actually putting toilet roll between your bottom and the seat can actually increase the likelihood of attracting germs.

The thing is toilet seats are specially designed to repel such yuckies. Their shape and smooth surface make it extremely difficult for germs to stick onto them.

In fact according to recent research has revealed far from being germ magnets, the average public toilet seat is actually cleaner than most people’s kitchen sinks, chopping boards and washing up sponges. Who knew?


Putting a layer of loo roll down on the seat isn’t a great idea for a number of reasons [Photo: Rex Features]

The real germ-spreading culprit here is actually the loo roll. The Sun explains that its rough, absorbent texture makes it perfect for germs to stick to. And, wait for the really gross bit, loo rolls’ close proximity to the porcelain throne means that water containing germs can often spray back out when its flushed and attach itself to the paper. Eugh!

So effectively when you layer it down on the seat you’re putting your bottom directly onto it. But wait, what about the fact that you’re using that same germy loo roll to wipe your bits? Well apparently, our skin acts as a sort of natural barrier to nasties lurking in and around the lav. And most of the bacteria found on the seat is already present on our bodies anyway.

Still feeling icky about sitting on the loo? Try the old over seat hover instead. Or take some of our previous advice and pee in the shower!

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