Here's Why Lauren Eliminated Herself on ‘The Bachelor’ Last Night

Week 2 of The Bachelor season 28 has come to a close—and so has Lauren's time on the show. The Philly native (who happens to be the older sis of fellow contestant, Allison) seemingly bowed out of the competition early due to complicated emotions. ICYMI, Lauren was one of the seven lucky ladies to attend the first group date of the season with Joey Graziadei—and she wasn't thrilled with the concept of the wedding reception-themed date.

During their car ride to the date—which took place at Simi Valley wedding venue Hummingbird Nest Ranch—Maria expressed how she was missing her dad during filming. Lauren added, "My dad passed really recently" before she started crying.

joey kicks things off with the first group date where wedding bells ring and stakes are higher than ever then, the first one on one date takes love to new heights, and joey discovers which women have the bravery and stamina for lasting partnerships monday, jan 29 800 1003 pm est, on abc disneyjohn fleenorlauren, lexi, rachel, maria, joey graziadei, taylor, jessica, kelsey t, erika
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Lauren, Maria, Rachel, Taylor, Kelsey T., Lexi, Evalin, Erika, and Jess went on the group date and wore bridal gowns for the occasion. Once they touched down at the venue, they played a game of musical chairs where the winner would be Joey's only fictional first dance for the day (spoiler alert: Rachel and Joey danced to a live performance of Michael Bolton's "When a Man Loves a Woman").

Later at the house, Lauren revealed that she felt a "weird vibe" thinking about her late father during the date and that she didn't feel motivated to speak with Joey. This ultimately led to her decision to leave the show early, and she got emotional as she told the Bachelor how she was feeling throughout the day.

"My dad’s not going to be there [at my wedding]…it hit me today," she shared. During a confessional, Joey stated that Lauren was "still grieving" the loss of her father.

the bachelor season 28
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"I'm freaking out," Lauren told Joey. "So I'm gonna go home." Initially, Joey seemed surprised, but he expressed, "I feel terrible. I'm sorry if I did anything."

The show's producers gifted Lauren a cake from the wedding date as a sweet send-off, but once she took a bite, she threw it on the floor before complaining, "It's not red velvet."

Lauren's younger sister Allison cried during her confessional upon learning that Lauren left the competition prematurely, saying that she had been her support system.

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