Here's the scoop: Homemade ice cream shop opens in Russell

May 8—RUSSELL — From a food truck to brick-and-mortar location, Scoopy Scoops brings an assortment of homemade ice cream to Russell.

It all began late fall of 2022 with a food truck solely serving hand-dipped, in-house-made ice cream. Now the ice cream vendor has transformed into an ice cream parlor carrying 13 flavors.

Owner David Glazier, of Scoopy Scoops at 1417 Diederich Blvd., said depending on the ice cream that is being made, the ingredients vary. Scoopy Scoops officially opened on April 13.

"We come up with all the recipes and different flavors," Glazier said. "We have some flavors that every ice cream shop will have, but we come up with different things like blueberry muffin and toffee coffee," he said. "We are always experimenting. It's different depending on what we are making. We are not putting food coloring or anything like that in it."

Hours of operation are different throughout the week. Scoopy Scoops is open Tuesday through Friday from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. It is closed on Mondays.

Courtney Cox, a customer who has tried numerous flavors, said it's "the best" ice cream she has ever had.

"You can tell it is fresh and it doesn't taste like it had been sitting in the freezer too long," she said.

Flavors among the assortment are vanilla, chocolate, strawberries-n-cream, peanut butter, creamsicle, mint chocolate chip, banana pudding, peach, toffee coffee, birthday cake, raspberry and blueberry muffin. Scoopy Scoops also has homemade waffle cones.

"It's nice to have somewhere local ... somewhere that we can go as a family and get some good ice cream. It's the best I have ever had," Cox said.

"We live in Flatwoods so we can just go right down the road instead of having to drive farther to get homemade ice cream," she added.

Business hours may change depending on the demand for the product, Glazier said.

"Right now, our busiest time is the evening — 7 o'clock until close," Glazier said. "I am sure we can handle another hour or so. Once everybody is out of school and stuff, we will see how that goes.

"It's been nice to see the response from the people here in town," he added. "We get so many people coming in that say we needed a place like this. We are giving everybody something they wanted."

Ice cream never goes out of business, Glazier said.

"We thought it would be good because we don't have much of it around here to choose from," he said. "We started it and jumped right in. We have had some people come in four, five times a week. They have been real supportive of it.

"We needed a bigger place to make our ice cream," he said of the building. "We began looking for a place to rent and the first idea was to have a place to make the ice cream."

The idea of making and selling in one spot came to fruition.

"If I am going to rent a place, I thought I might as well open a shop," Glazier said.

The ice cream truck will be back out "soon," he said. With opening the store location, it has been a busy time.

Cost is $4 for one scoop and two scoops is $7. A waffle cone is $1, according to the Facebook page.

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