Here's how you can create a Christmas wonderland in your bedroom

christmas bedroom decor
11 great Christmas bedroom decor ideasL: Mark Scott, R: Lights4fun

When it comes to Christmas bedroom decor, twinkling fairy lights, seasonal ornaments and sumptuous fabrics will help to create a festive winter wonderland setting.

After decorating the front door, living room, hallway and staircase, the bedroom should be next on the agenda. Whether you want festive bedding or plan to adorn your windows with twinkling lights, there are lots of ways you can turn your bedroom into a cosy yet festive sanctuary.

'One of the many wonderful things about Christmas is the versatile colour palette, textures and patterns the season has to offer,' says Lucy Ackroyd, head of design at Christy. 'Although typically known for its garish greens and bright reds, there are other ways to take advantage of the festive period's more sophisticated side more and add a winter glow-up to your bedroom.'

Read on for some inspiration and ideas for the best Christmas bedroom decor along with some styling tips from the experts...

1. Add Christmas colours into your room

Whether it's purchasing some new Christmas bedding or getting your hands on a decadent throw, incorporating festive colours into your room will help to set the festive scene. Christmas usually connotes a staple colour palette of forest greens, ruby reds and crisp whites, so these colours are perfect to introduce into your bedroom.

2. Get some festive bedding

christmas bedroom decor festive bedding

Speaking of bedding, every Christmas bedroom deserves some festive bedding as the season begins, but if you don't want to opt for novelty prints, choose a chic, subtle design that has a nod to the festivities but can equally be used all year round. Flannel or tartan prints in classic tones can add a touch of festivity to your bedroom without being garish.

'Unlike more traditional Christmas prints, flannel looks great all year round so you can save money by not purchasing a bedding set that you may only use for a few weeks of the year,' says Lucy.

3. Accessorise with fairy lights

Twinkling fairy lights are must-have Christmas bedroom decor. Not only will they add a little sparkle and create a festive feel, but you can also leave them up all year round for a gorgeous glow, if you wish.

christmas bedroom decor fairy lights

'Fairy lights are an age-old Christmas decoration that still have the ability to elevate any room to the next level,' explains Jonathan Warren, director at Time4Sleep. 'Why not line them across your headboard or at the end of your bed for extra impact? By utilising the apex of your room, the bed, and adding twinkling lights, the transition to your festive bedscape will be all the more simple.'

4. Hang your favourite decorations

Who says decorations are just for the Christmas tree? Spruce up your bedroom space by hanging your favourite ornaments, garlands, wreaths, window stickers and stars. It's the perfect finishing touch to any space.

Jess Martin, design specialist at Ginger Ray, suggests: 'If you want to go big, why not decorate with a garland, paper chains and baubles? Scale up your simple fairy lights or line of tinsel with some added extras to really make it your own. Dotting little pockets of Christmas decorations around the room will really help to summon the festive spirit, even in sleep!'

If you've got a four poster bed, think about how you can make use of the structure. It's the perfect frame for a garland or two.

christmas bedroom jay bed at house beautiful

Cotswold-based interior designer Vanessa Arbuthnott adds: 'You can dress your headboard with a fresh garland of foliage, plus the fragrance will soothe you to sleep. Just be sure to secure it properly so it doesn’t fall off during the night.'

Vanessa also suggests sprucing up bedside tables by tying red ribbons on the handles of wardrobe or drawers. You can even make a temporary feature wall in your bedroom with a cluster of oversized paper snowflakes. 'You can even suspend them from the ceiling. They also look great teamed with fairy lights,' she adds.

5. Utilise cushions

Cushions are one of the best styling tools we have at our disposal, and that rings true at Christmas too.

'In the bedroom, I would generally recommend somewhere between three and six cushions depending on the width of your bed. My festive styling hack for cushions is to only swap out the front row, as these are the star of the show,' explains Lucy.

Swap out the front few cushions for opulent velvet in jewel tones, such as burnt orange and peacock. Sumptuous velvet fabric feels decadently festive, but as it isn’t an overtly Christmassy pattern, it's great to utilise all year round.

6. Add a Christmas tree (if you have the space)

christmas bedroom decor
House Beautiful/Mark Scott

Who says a Christmas tree is only limited to the living room? It doesn't have to be as big as your main tree – it could be a small Christmas tree, so something that fits on a tabletop. And, it doesn't even have to be a traditional design either. Alternative ideas include a wooden Christmas tree or a LED twig design, for example.

7. Don't forget scent

Festive candles or diffusers can evoke fond memories. 'Christmas is the perfect time to opt for strong scents, from heady spices such as cinnamon, to the sweet scents of gingerbread and vanilla,' explains Lucy. 'A lot of our childhood memories of the season will be built on scent and walking into a home that has the distinct aroma of roasted chestnuts, or Nordic Fir Christmas trees, will instantly make us feel like Christmas has arrived.'

Not sure where to start? Lucy suggests layering complementary scents by mixing together reed diffusers, potpourri and candles for an all-encompassing festive atmosphere.

HB recommends... To create a gorgeous aroma, boil some water with spices and fresh fruits on the stove. Then, once it has cooled down, pour into a spray bottle and use as a DIY room spray.

8. Tackle some festive DIY

diy paper christmas tree

A super simple and affordable way to adorn your bedroom walls, this DIY paper Christmas tree uses pages from an old book (get your hands on a secondhand Christmas book, or use some of the Christmas cards you receive, or even family photos.) Decorate your paper tree with some slim fairy lights and top with a star.

Read the full DIY here

9. Decorate the windows

When it comes to your bedroom window, less is more. Keep it pared-back by draping an evergreen garland around your window frame or do the same with fairy lights. For kids, window stencils are a good idea.

Other Christmas window decorating ideas include creating a small festive display on your windowsill – miniature Christmas trees work perfectly here or a cluster of small 3D paper Christmas trees mixed with other ornaments.

10. Use paper decorations

christmas bedroom decor paper decorations

This is a really simple, affordable and far more sustainable way to decorate your bedroom at Christmas. Paper decorations are so lightweight, they can be hung and piled up with abandon – provided you avoid lights or another source of heat.

There are plenty available this year at Rockett St George, full of unique and eye-catching paper pinwheels and Christmas trees, or Layered Lounge for classic stars and elegant snowflakes.

11. And finally, don't forget fun festive figurines

Christmas is all about spreading cheer, so why not brighten up dull corners by getting your hands on festive figurines like nutcrackers and on-trend gonks? Having a theme will keep your bedroom consistent, but adding some novelty fun is sure to bring joy throughout the holidays.

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