Here's What to Do With Your Chick-fil-A Sauce Surplus

Because just about anything goes great with a serving of sauce from Chick-fil-A.



How many times have you gone to Chick-fil-a and had bigger eyes than your stomach? It’s happened to all of us, whether at this chicken stop or another fast food joint. Sometimes you end up with leftover sauce, which is worth saving in case your stomach is bigger than your eyes next time.

But how long does Chick-fil-A sauce last? There is most certainly an expiration date, and if your refrigerator is a black hole like mine, it can be tough to remember when something went in there.

How Long Do Chick-fil-A Sauce Packets Last?

The sauces Chick-fil-A uses do have preservatives, as do many sauces and dressings sold at grocery stores, so they will keep longer anyways. Some ranches can last for up to a year unopened outside of the refrigerator—but sauce packets don’t have the benefit of being stored in a bottle. With Chick-fil-A’s situation, three months is a good rule of thumb to use. Longer than that and the taste of your sauces will begin to turn.

Where Should I Keep Extra Sauce Packets?

Store extra sauce packets in a cabinet, kitchen drawer, or airtight container. Bottles, meanwhile, should be refrigerated after opening.

Sauce packets are single use, which means they aren't meant to be opened and stored again. They're meant to be used immediately by customers, so the taste could change before the three-month mark. If you like an organized kitchen, adding the date you got the sauce with a sharpie helps.

If you go to Chick-fil-A often, or you like sauces with your food, you likely won’t need to worry about an expiration date. Just focus on the best part: enjoying a good dipping sauce. 

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