Hello, your love and sex horoscope for the weekend is here

Your love and sex horoscope for the weekendMargie Rischiotto - Hearst Owned

What’s happening: The Sun connects with dreamy Neptune tonight, and tomorrow, Venus squares off with Uranus, the planet of surprises. Mercury forms an awkward quincunx aspect to Mars on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the Sun meets up with Pluto, the planet of power and transformation, and Mercury Retrograde FINALLY ends!

What that means for your star sign


There’s a lot of chaos early in the week. There seem to be some big ups happening, followed by some big downs, and it’s screwing up your perception of your relationship. Instead of getting mad (as you have a tendency to do), stay level-headed whenever you bump into an obstacle or argue with your person. Once you get everything situated and Mercury Retrograde ends on Wednesday, you’ll be 100% ready to commit.


This week, you’re responsible for taking the reins and controlling where your relationship goes. If you’re feeling bored in bed, now’s the time to get kinky! If there’s not enough romance in your love life, plan a sweet date with your s/o! You can make a ton of magic happen, but here’s the thing — you don’t wanna come on too strong. If they're not feeling it, don’t push it.


Fair warning: This week’s not the easiest for you, love. You have, like, a lot of feelings you need to sort through right now. There are some imbalances in your relationship making you feel some type of way. Someone’s giving too much, or someone's giving way too little, et cetera, and it’s your job to figure out how to correct the balance. Don’t fight! Talk things out, and be calm.


No pressure, Cancer, but this week is crucial for your love life. Tonight’s your luckiest night in love. The dreamy energy coming from Neptune makes tonight perfect for romance, and the Sun in Capricorn is helping you to attract new people. If you’re single, you might meet your next potential s/o. If you’re taken, you’re getting closer and closer to your partner and getting ready to upgrade your relationship status. Once Mercury Retrograde ends on Thursday, you’re in the clear to ask them out, shoot your shot, or pop the question — and they’re probs going to say yes!


You’re staying über busy this week drowning in work (thanks, Capricorn season), but Saturday is absolutely major for your love life. Any imbalances, hidden feelings, or unaddressed issues, are all coming out. You have a stubborn streak a mile long, but you have got to compromise in order to make this work. Tough conversations and disagreements are coming through, and the way you handle them this week will determine where the future of your relationship goes.


There are stars in your eyes this weekend, Virgo! The Sun/Neptune connection happening tonight is one of the best transits for your love life. This transit supports all kinds of love —romance, hookups, connecting with someone new, or getting even closer to someone you’ve loved for a long time. The rest of the week is fun, too, but only if you’re looking for a hookup — there’s just not much potential for serious romance, unfortunately.


Your love life’s getting a little bit of chaos this weekend. If you’re with someone already, a new love interest could come by and catch your eye, and really tempt you — don’t do it! If you’re single, a new love connection could come around and make you fall for them in an instant despite being literally too good to be true. This is all happening because there’s some element of your love life that’s gotten stale or stagnant, and you need to shake it up — just find a productive way to do so.


Tell them how you feel! Getting all of your emotions out there, being vulnerable, and opening up to someone is super super scary (especially for you), but it’s necessary in order to build a strong, healthy relationship. I’m not saying you need to pick up the phone, pour out your feelings, and try to burrow deep into your partner’s heart — but rather start slow. Let them know you like them, or that you love them. This isn’t a very action-packed week by any means, but you’re able to start lots of important and productive conversations.


You and your partner just aren’t seeing eye to eye right now, Sagittarius. There’s more bickering, little disagreements are popping up, and even though they’re just tiny issues, it’s bugging you big time. You have a quick temper and a shoot first, ask questions later attitude, but I really encourage you to keep a level head. If you run into any arguments, try to diffuse them, listen to your partner, and compromise — I promise that the thing you were originally disagreeing over is not worth a fight.


HBD, Capricorn! If you’re looking for a birthday boo, this could be your week! This weekend’s astrology makes it easier to open up, and your personality is shining bright, so people are way more attracted to you. Wednesday’s astro makes you even more magnetic. Pluto in your sign is giving you charm, sex appeal, and a strong sense of intrigue, and people are loving being around you. Your words carry a ton of power on Wednesday, and it’s also the day Mercury Retrograde ends, so if you’ve been waiting to shoot your shot or start The Talk with your partner, that’s your day!


Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is hanging out in your sign all week, so looking for love (or just a hookup) is going well for you now. But Tuesday’s astro-weather throws a wrench in that operation. Mercury quincunx Mars is a red flag that an ex — specifically an ex who you’re not on good terms with — is lurking around. Keep your eyes peeled and try to avoid them if you can!


If you’re single, this week is great for you! You’re acting like your happy, bubbly self this weekend, and people are attracted to it! Making new connections is the easiest thing in the world right now — people are loving being around you, and you are loving the attention! This astro is best for hooking up or turning friends into FWBs, but if you’re looking for love, you can definitely get lucky this week, too!

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