Helen Skelton praises her 'little legend' as she marks major family milestone

Helen Skelton inside Buckingham Palace weating a white floral dress
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Helen Skelton made the most of her Easter holidays with her three children, Ernie, eight, Louis, seven and Elsie, two, with Louis having an extra special break from school.

During his time away from school, the youngster turned seven, and Helen couldn't help but get emotional as her young boy headed back to school. The star shared the coolest video of her son, which can be seen below, as he demonstrated his sporting prowess as he played golf, and he had the best celebrations.

Louis was dressed up in a green monster onesie and his younger sister watched him tee off before chasing after the ball.

In a touching caption, the mum-of-three penned: "Went back to school this week another year older… summer term already. Life is far from dull with you in it my love. Thanks for being a little legend." She then joked: "(Yes he's driving with a putter for good reason)."

A young boy in a green onesie standing in a garden with a football net in the background
Helen shared a gushing tribute to her son (Instagram)

Helen and Louis have a strong bond, but the youngster had quite the unconventional arrival, with the presenter's waters breaking while she was alone in France as her then husband, Richie Myler, was playing in England at the time.

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Quizzed about this by Lorraine Kelly in 2021, Helen shared: "I know, God bless him. I can't tell if he was sort of proud or embarrassed. He says, 'I was born in the kitchen?' and I'm like 'Yeah,' and lots of my friends think it's so lovely, a home birth.

mother with children in snow
Helen dotes on her three children (Instagram)

"Nobody wants a load of gorgeous French firemen at their feet while they're delivering a baby, which is what I had… They'd never done that before and were so excited, I just said, 'Get back around my head please'."

But despite her dramatic home birth, the star revealed that it was her third child's birth that was actually the hardest.

A photo of Helen Skelton's dad holding her daughter Elsie
The family have been enjoying the recent Easter break

"It definitely gets harder as you get older," she noted. "Or maybe it's just the first two times around, you're doing that thing where you're like, 'I'm independent, I don't need a chair, I don't need special treatment.

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"Whereas now, I'm a little bit older, I've got the kids and I'm working. Now I'm like, 'Oh, has anyone got a chair for me, has anyone got a chocolate for me?' I'm really rinsing it, you know. It's my last one so I've got to make the most of it."