Helen Mirren jokes Fury of the Gods plot is "too complicated"

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Helen Mirren says Shazam 2's plot is "complicated"Kate Green - Getty Images

Helen Mirren has opened up on starring in the upcoming DC film Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

The upcoming DC movie will be the sequel to the hit 2019 film starring Zachary Levi and the 13th installment in the DC Extended Universe overall. In the sequel, Mirren takes on the role of Hespera, one of the daughters of Atlas alongside Anthea (Rachel Zegler) and Kalypso (Lucy Liu).

Mirren spoke about the film while appearing on this week's The Graham Norton Show, which airs on Friday (February 24).

"Don’t ask me about the plot, it’s too complicated!" she joked. "We are angry goddesses wearing unbelievably heavy costumes.

"It was very hot and uncomfortable, and in fact Lucy [Liu] said at the end of the first day’s shooting, ‘They are trying to kill us’, in all seriousness."

Mirren revealed that she wanted to take the role as she "loved the first Shazam", describing it as "sweet and funny".

"I am not a big superhero type person, but I loved the idea of it and happily signed up for the second one. It is great," she continued.

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Asked about doing action scenes, she said: "I did some of my own stunts, but I broke my finger. I was incredibly brave and didn’t say anything or complain, because I wanted to be a real ‘stunty’ person."

The star also spoke about the recent BAFTA Award ceremony, where she paid an emotional tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II with the Prince and Princess of Wales in attendance at the event.

"It was a great night out, but I was just in and out," she said, when asked whether she enjoyed the ceremony. "I had to get up very early the next morning, so I did my thing and then I was back in my PJs and in bed by nine!"

Shazam! Fury of the Gods will be released in cinemas on March 17.

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