Heinz Is Releasing 4 New Condiments (And More) And We Got A First Taste

Heinz Cherri-Yaki sauce
Heinz Cherri-Yaki sauce - Mashed

Condiments could make up an entire food group on their own. Not only are various dips and sauces an essential factor in making a meal good, but there's a sauce for practically every flavor out there. Some, like Kranch -- that's ketchup and ranch -- are more questionable than others, but well-known condiment company Heinz has a lot of bold flavors up its sleeve. No stranger to innovation (the brand previously announced its desire to invent a new ketchup bottle as a move toward sustainability) Heinz is releasing four new sauces: Cherri-Yaki, Sweet & Spicy Lemongrass, Habanero Zing, and Orange Mojo.

A Mashed employee visited the Heinz booth at the 2024 National Restaurant Association Show, an annual event that showcases innovation in the food service industry, and got a first taste of one. There, Heinz revealed these four new flavors, of which only Cherri-Yaki was available to sample. The company also displayed its new sauce wand and tap system prototype for dispensing sauces.

The Cherri-Yaki sauce leans into teriyaki's sweet side by introducing cherry flavor. The outcome is a sugary sauce that would pair well with crispy fried foods like tater tots and chicken wings. The other three flavors, although not available for tasting, offer equally intriguing combinations. One Heinz representative explained how the new offerings "combine well-known sauces with up-and-coming ones," melding flavors from both domestic and international markets. Currently, there is no decided release date for these sauces.

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Heinz's Innovative Sauce Dispensers

List of new Heinz condiments
List of new Heinz condiments - Mashed

In addition to the four new condiments, Heinz also displayed two new sauce dispensers at its booth at the National Restaurant Association Show. The first of these is a sauce wand, which makes adding multiple sauces to a burger bun a simultaneous action. The wand mechanism consists of a trio of tubes filled with burger condiment classics like mustard, mayo, and ketchup (and in case you're curious, we've ranked the best Heinz ketchup flavors). Turn the head of the wand on, and the three sauces can be dispensed neatly onto a burger bun at the same time.

The next of Heinz's inventions, still in its prototype stage, is a tap system for dispensing sauces. The prototype features a line-up of seven sauces in an on-tap system -- just like ones you would see dispensing beer at a bar. Pull the bottle-shaped lever of the sauce you want, and you'll get all of the Heinz ketchup your french fries or chicken fingers need. It's a streamlined way for restaurant-goers to get all of their favorite sauces in the same place.

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