Heather Matarazzo clarifies that Gaten Matarazzo is not her son

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Heather Matarazzo has clarified that she is not Gaten Matarazzo's mother.

In a TikTok posted on Wednesday, The Princess Diaries star corrected a rumour that the actor, who plays Dustin in Stranger Things, is her son.

After a fan learned that Gaten's mum is called Heather, they posted a video captioned, "DUSTIN'S MOM IS LILLY MOSCOVITZ FROM PRINCESS DIARIES?"

Heather responded by shaking her head at the assertion in a video, which was accompanied by the caption, "I adore #gatenmatarazzo but he is NOT my son."

In a follow-up video, Heather added, "I just wanted to clarify something because I've been getting a number of messages regarding this. I absolutely adore Gaten Matarazzo, I think he is brilliant, I think he is wonderful, but I cannot claim him as my son. Because he is not."

The actress also invited Gaten, 19, to help dispel the rumour, saying, "Gaten, if you would like to help confirm this, that would be greatly appreciated. I also wonder how inundated you're getting with messages as well."

She concluded, "So yes, love Gaten Matarazzo but not my kid. I have no kids - they're all fur babies, I have four-legged babies."