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The ultimate wearable heated blanket now on sale: 'Cheap and heats up quickly'

A heated blanket you can wear? Yes please! (Lakeland)
A heated blanket you can wear? Yes please! (Lakeland)

Desperate to keep warm during these never-ending cold spells without having to turn the heating on and face spiralling energy bills?

From heated clothes airers that can also help heat up a room to this cosy, covetable hooded wearable blanket from M&S and even a £34.99 Aldi soup maker that'll help you make cheap, nourishing and warming food, retailers are coming up with more inventive ways to help us save money on our gas and electricity costs.

And Lakeland has another great solution that'll keep you toasty without breaking the bank: a wearable heated blanket, which is currently reduced by 30% to £69.99 (RRP £99.99).

Called The Snuggler, this is way more than a mere throw, trust us. Read on for the ways it'll provide you with the kind of warmth and cosiness you're craving right now while keeping energy costs as low as possible.

Why we rate it

As well as being a thick, soft-as-a-cloud heated blanket/throw, it has oversized sleeves and a pouch area at the bottom to keep your feet warm. Genius!

More than a mere heated blanket, this will cocoon you in warmth. (Lakeland)
More than a mere heated blanket, this will cocoon you in warmth. (Lakeland)
The temperature controller is removable so you can wash the blanket. (Lakeland)
The temperature controller is removable so you can wash the blanket. (Lakeland)

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Frankly, we couldn't have found a more perfect, comfortable (and comforting) way to keep warm when working from home or lazing on the sofa binge-watching your favourite TV shows.

The Snuggler has three temperature settings so you can boost the heat when you want to, and adjust it to a lower temp – or turn it off – when you're toasty enough. And it has a three-hour auto shut-off – handy if you're the type who dozes off in front of the TV and doesn't want to overheat.

As you're bound to be wearing this 24/7 through the colder days, it'll more than pay for its £99.99 price point within weeks.

And we have more good news: it's machine washable at 30°C (handily, the temperature controller is detachable). Just make sure The Snuggler has cooled right down before you chuck it in the wash. And, needless to say, ensure it's 100% dry before you heat it up again and wear it.

What the reviews say

Customers find the heated blanket is super-warming even without turning its temperature control on and say that it "heats up quickly, and is cheap to run".

Some more constructive points about the product, include shoppers who would like it with more 'smart' tech such as the use of auto timers or an app to measure energy consumption. However one tech-savvy customer has managed to add this function by using a smart plug.

  • "I bought this to heat myself rather than the house. We haven’t yet reached the season where I can really test this item out, but [even] without the heating element on, it’s keeping me really cosy in the evenings. So I am hopeful that it will help!"

  • "I love my snuggler. It is so warm that frequently I don’t need to heat it up. And when I do, the lowest setting is enough to warm me. It is generously sized, big enough to let two grandchildren sit under it with me. I would not hesitate to recommend this product."

  • "Absolutely love this blanket! The sleeves make it a perfect option for staying warm whilst working on a laptop and using your arms. Choosing to use the foot pouch retains the heat, so you don’t need it turned on for long before hours of staying warm."

  • "I’ve recently retired, and finding myself with a plummeting income during the ‘cost of living crisis’, I bought this to heat myself rather than the house. It’s keeping me really cosy so far and has only been on the lowest setting. My energy bills have reduced, although to what degree the blanket’s been responsible, I can’t say. But it’s well made, suitable for a tall person and my cat loves it as well. A great product, thank you!"

Shop now: The Snuggler Heated Throw with Sleeves and Foot Pouch | £69.99 (Was £99.99) from Lakeland

£69.99 £99.99 at Lakeland

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