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Nippy nights call for this top-rated patio heater — it's only $79 (that's 60% off)

Summer is around the corner, but until then nights can get a little nippy. So sitting outside in the evening to shoot the breeze, play cards, people-watch and stargaze is just off the menu. Or is it? Here's an idea to keep your alfresco pleasures alive all year long — a portable electric heater. More specifically, Heat Storm's Tradesman 1500 Watt Heater with Tripod. Just plug it in, turn it on and let its radiant heat keep you toasty warm while you take in the night from the comfort of your patio or porch. Sounds pretty good, right? Know what else sounds good? You can grab one of these life-changing wonders on sale for just $79 (from $200!). We bet you feel warmer already.

Weatherproof and portable, this infrared patio heater heats objects rather than the air with an output of 5,200 BTUs.
$79 at Amazon

If this all sounds too good to be true, well, it isn't, and here's why. The Tradesman uses radiant infrared heat. That means that its heat waves don't just hit the air and dissipate; they're drawn to nearby objects (that would be you and yours). In that way, infrared is efficient and money-saving. Powerful too: Its 5,200 BTUs are enough to keep you comfy even through the chilliest of evenings. (Of course, a cup of your favorite hot beverage wouldn't hurt...but you were going to do that anyway, right?)

This set comes with the aforementioned tripod (so that you can raise or lower it depending on your height, of course, but also on whether you'd like to concentrate the heat on your noggin, torso or tootsies). It also comes with a 13-foot power cord, so you can set up camp well out into the backyard or round the back of your RV or van if you're living the Nomadland life.

three heat lamps
Don't let those nippy nights take away your outdoor stargazing — they're not the boss of you! (Photo: Amazon)

Oh, you want testimonials? We've got testimonials!

"Bought two for my deck," said this report from up north. "Living in Michigan, I wanted more time to enjoy it during spring and fall seasons. I guess there's no reason I couldn't fire them up in the winter for some deck beers and music." The shopper adds: "Quality build, sturdy and solid.... Looks great, puts out plenty of heat. 100% silent....Very satisfied. I'd say look no further."

person looking at nature with a heat lamp on open patio
That serene, faraway look? That's what you get when you've snagged an incredible deal on a brilliant appliance. Oh, and from enjoying nature's uncanny beauty. Photo: Amazon)

And it's not just for leisure time, either. Doing a little nighttime tuneup on the car? Putting in some hours on that carpentry project? Set up the Tradesman in your garage or workshop and get the job done. It's easy to assemble, a snap to use, and includes a tip-over safety switch that'll shut it down if the evening breeze, the family pet or a beloved klutz causes it to topple over.

And if you have any doubts that Amazon's $79 price is a steal, check it: This set costs $140 on Heat Storm's own website!

"Really warm!" one succinct satisfied customer said. Tell us more! "I live in San Francisco, where it’s always a little chilly...and this thing pumps out lots of heat for my small apartment balcony. It feels like the kind you’d find at an outdoor restaurant — high quality! I’m super excited now to spend more time in my outdoor space that I pay big bucks for! Thanx for helping me utilize all of my square footage!"

Yeah, that's right; apartment dwellers can get in on the comfy-cozy-ness, too. "I really love this heater!" said another big fan. "I placed it on my balcony, and it’s perfect for the chilly evenings we’ve been experiencing. I was surprised at how high the heater can be positioned and how much heat it kicks out. I plan on using from now until after the first snowflake falls."

Weatherproof and portable, this infrared patio heater heats objects rather than the air with an output of 5,200 BTUs.
$79 at Amazon

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