Hayley Kiyoko's Lemonade Mouth bob was an accident

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Hayley Kiyoko reveals her 'Lemonade Mouth' haircut was an acciedent credit:Bang Showbiz
Hayley Kiyoko reveals her 'Lemonade Mouth' haircut was an acciedent credit:Bang Showbiz

Hayley Kiyoko's 'Lemonade Mouth' bob was an accident.

The 31-year-old actress played Stella in the 2011 teen musical drama, and she confessed to her TikTok followers that her wonky hairdo happened after he hairstylist got a little too scissor-happy.

She explained in the clip: “I’ve been holding onto this secret for so long – almost 10 years – and I feel like I have to tell you the truth about Stella’s haircut. It wasn’t supposed to be asymmetrical.

“We were going for a symmetrical look and my hair stylist cut my hair too short on one side and we didn’t have enough time to get extensions to even it out. So, we rocked the asymmetrical look … and we made it Stella’s vibe – and that is how Stella got her haircut and some of you got yours too.”

She laughed: “I honestly don’t know if Stella would’ve had the same effect if her hair was symmetrical, you know what I mean?”

Meanwhile, the movie star previously admitted that she was torn between dressing in a feminine or masculine way but ultimately decided that beauty is within and she now has the confidence to wear whatever she wants.

She said: "I've definitely struggled with defining beauty and what that means on the scale of femininity and masculinity. It's OK to want to dress feminine one day and masculine another day.

"Beauty is within. Beauty is about confidence and embracing who you are. That's something that took me a long time growing up to see, 'Oh, it's about how I feel, and being comfortable in my own skin.'"

And she is more comfortable in her own skin than ever before.

Hayley added: "Self-care and skincare go hand in hand. Taking care of my skin makes me more present to focus on what I'm working on and the people I'm surrounded by. Do everything you can to be comfortable in your own skin.

"We put so much pressure on ourselves to be something. And sometimes we need time. Maybe we're not as confident as we want to be or are still discovering who we are. We don't have to decide that now. Alleviate that pressure off of you. I put that pressure on what beauty is and what that looks like, and as soon as I took that pressure off myself I was like, this is me, 'This is who I am.' All of a sudden all of those things that I was trying to build for myself just came."