Harvey Nichols’ Adult Crèche Means You Can Drop Off Your Man While You Raid The Shops


[Photo: Tim Wang/Flickr]

Whether it’s our own man or someone else’s, we all see them when we’re out shopping: Guys dutifully following women, shopping bags in hand, but looking like they’d really, really rather be somewhere else.

So, Harvey Nichols has come to the rescue with its very own ‘man crèche’. Described as a ‘man-friendly zone’, the fancy Knightsbridge store has transformed its basement into a ‘man cave’, or a ‘man park’, or whatever we’d like to call it.


[Photo: yisris/Flickr]

Featuring a bar, barber, computer games and a huge TV, the ‘zone’ also takes men’s own shopping habits into account - clothing is arranged by type rather than colour, as research has shown that men aren’t fans of browsing in the same ways that women are.


[Photo: thinkretail/Flickr]

The luxury department store’s Birmingham branch already introduced its own crèche last summer, and has proven to be a big hit. And now that the London store has taken the concept under its wing, could this be a sign that ‘man zones’ are to become a countrywide staple?

Are ‘man zones’ a gift from retail heaven or do we all just need an escape from the shopping madness now and then? Tweet us at @YahooStyleUK.

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