'Harry and Meghan's nanny will likely be recommended by a friend’

Ahead of the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's son Archie, there were reports that the couple were looking to hire an American nanny or even a "manny" (a male nanny).

Royal author Katie Nicholl says: "I think we’ve come to expect that this is a couple that will do things differently, they’ll shake up tradition, they’ll push those royal boundaries."

Speaking to Yahoo UK's 'The Royal Box,' Nicholl adds: "I think there’s every chance that the nanny could be American.

"I think it’s probably quite likely that they’re not going to be a Norland nanny. I don’t think that sort of traditionalism, that perhaps we’ve seen with the Cambridges, is the way the Sussexes want to go.

"I certainly hear that Harry, not just Meghan, would like to have a more relaxed approach to their parenting, perhaps a bit more modern and progressive in that respect.

"So it could be a ‘Manny’ and it certainly could be American, but I don’t expect it will be a Norland nanny. I suspect it will probably be somebody who has been recommended by one of their good friends."