Harry Kane's nanny branded hero after saving kids in 3-car smash

A nanny has been praised after saving Harry Kane's three eldest children in a car crash in Munich, Germany.

The terrifying incident saw a young driver in a Renault cut across the Kanes' people carrier to turn into a junction, causing it to crash into its front and send both vehicles hurtling towards an oncoming Land Rover. The nanny managed to calmly bring the Mercedes to a stop and steer clear of the Renault and Land Rover. The air bags were triggered and the nanny was reportedly left "terrified" by the ordeal, according to The Sun.

Harry's three eldest children, Ivy, seven, Vivienne, five, and Louis, three, were in the vehicle at the time. They were taken to hospital but thankfully found to be unharmed.

A source told The Sun: “The Kanes' nanny did an incredible job of protecting the children. None of this is her fault. She might be on German roads, but she had right-of-way. It was the German driver who cut across her path and smashed into her.

“She would only have had milliseconds to react. You can see from the pictures it was a serious smash, but the Kane children would have felt nothing other than a bang. She really has averted disaster.”

The car crash happened on Monday, 8 April near Schaftlarn, south of Munich, at 5.15pm. Harry's wife Kate, 30, and the couple's baby son Henry, seven months, were not in the car.

England captain Harry Kane lives with his wife Katie and their three children
Harry with wife Kate -Credit:INSTAGRAM/HARRY KANE

Bayern Munich player Harry's spokesman said: “There was a crash, but the kids are fine, and none were injured. No injuries at all. They went to hospital for a routine check-up.”

Local fire chief Daniel Buck said the Kane family's people carrier “had a lot of damage”. He added: “The good news was nobody had really strong injuries, more minor injuries typical for a car accident. Thank God nobody was really injured. It was really lucky for all the people.”

Kingsley Coman celebrates his goal with Harry Kane, left
Harry joined Bayern Munich last year -Credit:PA Wire

A source said it was "clearly" the Renault driver's fault and they may get a "fixed penalty notice". The source told the publication: “It was clearly the Renault that caused the crash. The Kanes’ Mercedes had right-of-way and the other driver has cut across the van. It doesn’t bear thinking about what might have happened if the nanny had been going any faster.

“If anyone was injured the driver could be prosecuted for negligent assault. But incredibly, everyone was unharmed so she may well just get a fixed penalty notice. She must have been stunned when she found out she smashed into the Bayern star’s car.”