Harrods has a new-look chocolate hall and it's delicious

A glimpse inside Harrods' new chocolate hall (Harrods)
A glimpse inside Harrods' new chocolate hall (Harrods)

Harrods has just opened the door of its new chocolate hall, completing the four-year restoration of its iconic Knightsbridge Food Hall in London.

The new chocolaterie is a cocoa-lover’s dream - with live demonstrations from world-renowned chocolatiers, fresh chocolate being made on site and ready access to some of the world’s most coveted chocolate brands.

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“The opening of our redeveloped chocolate halls is a hugely special moment for us,” Michael Ward, Managing Director at Harrods said in a statement. “It is the final stage in our ambitious investment and redesign of our historic Food Halls; a project that has continued with passion and drive despite the challenges of the last year. It is also a perfect demonstration of what Harrods does best; harnessing the greatest strengths from our heritage while reimagining luxury for a modern customer.

“The launch of the Chocolate Hall not only brings the most evocative chocolate craftsmanship to life in an unparalleled setting, but also marks an important commitment towards responsible sourcing and welfare standards, something that we are proud to uphold as the cornerstone of chocolate production at Harrods.”

Much of Harrods' chocolate hall was preserved during restoration  (Harrods)
Much of Harrods' chocolate hall was preserved during restoration (Harrods)

Harrods opened its first confectionery counter in 1870 before starting in-house production of chocolate in the early 20th century, where it produced hundreds of tonnes of chocolate on-site until the 1970s.

The new hall is part of the store’s ambition to be the premiere go-to chocolate destination and its restoration has allowed it reiterate its commitment to sustainable and responsibly-sourced, delicious chocolate.

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Designers David Collins Studio are behind the new hall, which reflects the building’s original Edwardian grandeur - the architecture, granite and marble floor and tile work was preserved during the restoration.

With the Harrods Chocolaterie at the centre of the hall, customers can get a glimpse into live chocolate theatre, watching the chefs make fresh bonbons, indulgent filled bars and chocolate-dipped confit fruit.

The chocolate dipped strawberries (left) and a chef making chocolate in store (Harrods)
The chocolate dipped strawberries (left) and a chef making chocolate in store (Harrods)

As well as producing its own chocolate, Harrods is also home to confectionary brands like To’ak - made with one of the rarest varieties of Ecuadorian Nacional cacao beans - as well as William Curley and Pierre Marcolini.

Harrods has also partnered with Godiva to reimagine the Godiva chocolate-coated strawberry by creating a dipping station where customers can dine on dipped strawberries as they shop.

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The reopening of the store will also see the return of Harrods classics, like the signature Gold Bar and Harrods chocolate covered fruit and nuts.

We’ll race you there.

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