The internet is going wild over these inflatable latex trousers

The trousers have divided opinion. (Getty Images)
The trousers have divided opinion. (Harikrishnan, MA Menswear at London College of Fashion)

In the world of fashion we never knew we needed, Harikrishnan’s graduate collection has landed and to say the internet is a little bit obsessed is an understatement.

For the collection at the London College Of Fashion, Harikrishnan has paired cropped jackets with extra-wide inflatable trousers.

The finished look? A silhouette quite unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

Like most out-there fashion statements, this collection has divided opinion in a big way.

If you were wondering how the trousers get their perfectly proportioned inflation, it’s via a seven millimetre-wide inflation valve at the bottom.

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The designer created the trousers to play with how silhouettes look from different angles.

Speaking to Deezen about the inspiration behind his collection, the designer - who goes by the name of Harikrishnan - said: “I got the idea when I was playing with my dog and I started thinking about how exaggerated objects must look from such a low angle,”

“The thought of him seeing me as a giant figure or not seeing my head at all was intriguing, so I decided to reimagine the people around me through the game of distortion – detached from the stereotypical, pre-determined notions of the human perspective.”

The trousers - which could be likened to an exaggerated version of harem pants - have divided opinion.

“Most refreshing statement and idea in quite some time thanks for creating and sharing.” One fan of the trousers wrote.

“These are gorgeous! And the work that went into making all these different forms is so impressive!” Another added.

The artistic statement isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, though.

People have listed some of the things you can’t do whilst wearing them on Twitter, including cycling.

“Manspreading is gonna be a nightmare.” One person pointed out.

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Speaking to Yahoo about his new collection, Harikrishnan said: “I’m happy the imagery I created is creating conversation.

“For insiders, they see it as art and most of them can relate, but for others, it’s not in my hands anymore.” Harikrishnan added in response to some of the negative comments he has received.

“People will start questioning the usual only when they see the unusual.”

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This art certainly wasn’t easy to create. In order to build the perfect silhouettes, Harikrishnan lived in an artisan community in Channapatna, India, for a month.

During this time he worked with woodturning and lacquerwork craftsmen.

The collection was presented alongside 19 others at the London College of Fashion's MA20 catwalk show.

It was in celebration of 20 years of postgraduate fashion courses at the university.

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