Halle Berry's see-through dress perfectly highlights her sculpted abs

halle berry see through dress
Halle Berry has epic abs in a see-through dressGetty Images

There’s no denying that Halle Berry, 57, is incredibly strong. Just take one look at her posing for pictures on the red carpet at the third-annual Red Sea International Film Festival, and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Halle effortlessly took the red carpet by storm in a see-through black silk tulle gown with intricate black and gold brocade embroidery designed by Elie Saab. But the best part of the dress? Its centre cutout that put her defined abs on full display.

Here's a peek in case you missed it:

halle berry see through dress
Getty Images

Yep, she looks stunning.

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Halle Berry shows a peek of her toned abs in a see-through dress.AMMAR ABD RABBO - Getty Images

Wondering what Halle has going on in the fitness department to get her core so chiselled? Well, the first thing to know is that the star has been dedicated to her health and wellness for a long time. In an essay she wrote for Women's Health US, she shared that she grew up doing gymnastics, so core training has always been a big part of her workout routine.

Halle explained that martial arts has been 'one of the biggest game-changers' for her abs. While preparing for her film Bruised, she wrote, 'I set the goal to build really visible, muscular abs.' To accomplish this, on top of her MMA training for her role, she’d do about 45 minutes of strength training and 15 minutes of weighted ab exercises. 'It took serious dedication.'

She also recently spoke about her menopause journey, too, and the stereotypes attached to it. 'I am challenging everything I thought I knew about menopause,' she says. 'As women, it’s really important that we stay in touch with our bodies. That we stay active, that we put importance on working out.'

Keep crushing it, Halle!

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