Halle Berry laughs through ‘relatable’ wardrobe malfunction as she struggles out of top with help of stylist

Halle Berry laughs through ‘relatable’ wardrobe malfunction as she changes her outfit (@halleberry / Instagram)
Halle Berry laughs through ‘relatable’ wardrobe malfunction as she changes her outfit (@halleberry / Instagram)

Halle Berry laughed off a relatable wardrobe malfunction while attempting to change out of her outfit.

The actor, 57, shared a recent video to Instagram of her and her stylist, Lindsey Flores, trying to free her from a shirt. In the clip, Berry was wearing a black corset over her white, button-down shirt, and a black skirt with a slit. In the footage, Flores grabbed Berry’s corset, as the A-lister said: “Get this baby off.”

While Berry said “ow!” in response to Flores’ attempt to forcefully pull the top over her head, she reminded the stylist that there was a zipper on the corset. After undoing the zipper, Flores went on to lift the corset and white button-down up, while Berry continued to laugh and struggle through the situation.

Flores then quipped that she might have to “cut off” the corset to get it off. The Catwoman star continued laughing, while her stylists managed to lift the white shirt up, towards the top of the actor’s head.

The pair continued to work through the challenge, during which Flores accidentally pulled Berry’s hair. “Watch my boobs!” Berry hilariously added, before Flores quipped that her friend actually hit her “boob.”

Flores went on to push at Berry’s arm, in an attempt to remove it from the white shirt’s sleeve. Although they managed to get the white shirt and corset up, the move revealed Berry’s chest, as her breasts in the video were covered with red heart emojis.

She further quipped about wearing the outfit in the first place, telling her stylist: “Why did you have me in this?” Flores then told her to stand still, so she wouldn’t rip the garment.

Berry then joked about having to ruin the designer outfit to take it off. “Anna Quan, we might have to cut this s*** off,” she said, while she was still bent forward.

Eventually, Flores got the outfit partially off by pulling one of Berry’s arms out of the white shirt sleeve. The pair then worked to get Berry’s other arm out of the sleeve, while she still noted that she didn’t want to “mess [her] hair up.”

However, Flores joked that she had to “grease up” Berry’s elbow, so she then hilariously licked her arm. After that, Flores successfully got the shirt off, before the video ended with Berry covering her chest with the clothing and walking into her dressing room. “Suffer for fashion,” Flores jokingly said.

Berry quipped about the wardrobe malfunction in the caption, writing: “Bad and Booshy back at it slaving for fashion!”

In the comments, many fans and famous faces admitted they could relate to Berry’s struggles when changing out of an outfit.

“Man, this video makes me feel GOOD!!!!!! I feel seen,” Viola Davis wrote, while another fan added: “This is the most human thing that relates to all of us I’ve ever seen on social media… I love you hahahah.”

A third wrote: “This Reel is better than most television shows. And also proves that your attention span is actually not that bad, just depends on what you’re watching and I know we were all on the edge of our seats, wondering how this would play out lol. Outfit was not letting go of the Queen.”

Prior to the wardrobe malfunction, Berry wore the outfit to IFM’s Annual Functional Medicine Conference with Pendulum Probiotics last week in Las Vegas, Nevada. She also shared a video on Instagram of her walking through the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, which is where the event was held.

“On Fridays, we strut,” she wrote in the caption of the video, in which she paired her black and white look with black heels. She also had her hair in a low ponytail and wore a pair of silver hoop earrings.