Hairy Biker Dave Myers reveals new 'baldy biker' look after chemo

Hairy Bikers star Dave Myers has shared a video of himself with a bald head for the first time since telling fans he has cancer, calling himself the 'baldy biker'. The chef and TV star, 64, announced last week that he had been diagnosed with the illness and that he would be undergoing chemotherapy.

Video transcript

DAVE MYERS: Oh, years ago. I went skiing in Switzerland. But I used to take it on the cheap, you know, like I used to stay, like, a bunkhouse. So it was posh skiing. You'd have loved it, Tash.

TASHA HALL: Yeah, thanks.

DAVE MYERS: But, you know, it was on the cheap. And I ended up with a German policewoman.


DAVE MYERS: Oh, she was strong-- a strong lady.

- I heard that.