Hair studio opens in Central District

Apr. 3—LIMA — One business in downtown Lima is making room for many others. The Central District is now home to Infinity Hair Studio. The building is located at 207 S. Central Avenue and filling up with small local businesses.

"I've had my business for 10 years," Owner Joey Hoehn said. "I was located on Allentown Road and before that, I worked for F/X hair — finding out about this project (Central District) is so nice. The people who are involved in the building just want good for the tenants and good for the community."

Hoehn said she became interested in hair care while trying to find her career.

"I was a single mom and I was getting my hair done one day," Hoehn said. "I had been going to college while I was working — there was nothing I was passionate about. During my haircut, I thought I could do this. It was not an epiphany; I just thought I am going to try it."

Hoehn now is remarried with additional children and grandchildren.

"When I was in beauty school, I was kind of looking around at different places to go work for when I met Dave (owner of F/X). I just knew he was who I wanted to work for," Hoehn said. "I still had a lot of moments of doubt over the years if I could make a living from it. I think the difference is I just got lucky. After all these years, I'm just really thankful that I stumbled upon this career."

The building is also home to Winans Chocolates and Coffees, Ev'Dera, Touch of Europe bakery, Modish Maven Boutique and more.

"I hope some of my clients help the foot traffic," Hoehn said. "I hope they support the other businesses and just try something new."

The studio is located on the third floor of the Central District. For more information call 419-996-9496.

Reach Precious Grundy at 567-242-0351.