Hailey Bieber just posted a no makeup selfie straight from her hotel bathtub

Photo credit: Steve Granitz - Getty Images
Photo credit: Steve Granitz - Getty Images

In a world full of Instagram filters and retouching apps, it can be easy to find yourself feeling a bit, well, meh, after taking a scroll through social media. Of course, lots of these pictures aren’t even real, thanks to lighting tricks and clever angles – so, we appreciate it when celebrities surprise us with a refreshing no makeup selfie.

In the last few months alone, we’ve had Kourtney Kardashian’s no makeup ‘slugging’ selfie, Vanessa Hudgen’s makeup-free selfie from bed and Leigh-Anne Pinnock going makeup free on holiday. And we love to see it.

The latest celeb to share a selfie sans makeup is none other than Hailey Bieber. Sharing a series of pictures from her recent trip to Brazil, the model posted a mirror selfie, some incredible food and a natural selfie straight from her hotel bathtub.

Of course, Hails is known for her ‘glazed doughnut’ skin and so, she looks incredible. While it looks like she doesn’t have a scrap of makeup on her eyes, the model’s brows have been brushed upwards for a feathery finish. Plus, she miiiight be sporting some tinted lip balm while posing with a drink. Her pose is also the perfect opportunity to showcase her manicure – a brown-hued take on the glazed doughnut nail trend. Just scroll along to the third pic to see it for yourself:

We’re sure as a celebrity, Hailey has access to some of the most innovative products and treatments around but still, we’d be lying if we didn’t say this picture made us even more tempted to try her skincare brand Rhode. When will it finally be making its way across shores, Hails? Consider this our official petition…

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