Gwen Stefani's stage makeup is her 'armour'

Gwen Stefani feels like she's putting her "armour" on when she does her stage makeup.

The 'True Babe' hitmaker still does her own glam before her shows because she finds it "really therapeutic".

She told People: "It's part of [me] putting the armour on and getting ready to do what I do and be that version of me.

"It's really therapeutic because it's very artful. I will listen to the gospel, [say] my prayers, and then I put my makeup on. It's just this whole process that goes into getting on the stage."

The GXVE Beauty founder admits that it's "harder" to feel pretty as you get older, but wearing makeup makes her "still feel pretty".

She said: "Especially at my age now, I feel like there's so many people that are around my age that just want to still feel pretty, you know what I'm saying? [We want to] feel good and wake up in the morning.

"I think that with makeup, it doesn't matter what age you are.

"It gives you that confidence and that feeling of creativity."

Gwen previously shared how she wanted to “create a community of makeup lovers” with GXVE.

The ‘Cool’ hitmaker cited how people all wear cosmetics for “different” reasons and longed to celebrate that with her beauty line.

She told Allure magazine: "I wanted to create a community of makeup lovers like me. We all have different colour skin and all have different things that we wear different colours for."