Guys, Freddo bars are 10p again

Abigail Malbon
Photo credit: Tesco

From Good Housekeeping

The price of a Freddo bar will never not be shocking to a British person. Did you know that they now charge 26p for them? TWENTY-SIX PENCE. Remember the good old days when your kids could buy 5 with a 50p?


Now, Tesco is getting us all nostalgic by selling the beautiful bars for the bargain price of 10p again. Really.

As part of its centenary celebration, the supermarket will be reducing prices of items from brands such as Heinz, PG Tips, Cathedral City and Nescafé.

BUY NOW Freddo bar, Tesco, 10p

Sadly, it's not a permanent price switch; the deal will be available at Tesco stores nationwide from Monday 21st January 2019 through to Sunday 27th January 2019 only.

Tesco Chief Customer Officer Alessandra Bellini, said:

“We understand that the nation wanted to see the price of the iconic Freddo chocolate bars return to the original price of 10p. Given we are celebrating 100 years of great value, we’re really pleased to have been able to give our customers what they want, and have some fun at the same time!”

The ultimate symbol of price inflation, Freddo bars remained at 10p until around 2005, and have been slowly creeping up in price ever since then - soaring by nearly 2,000 percent.

The fact that they're still on sale despite our anger is testament to how perfect the little bars are if you need a chocolate-y fix - and it's for that reason that we'll be heading to Tesco to buy 10 this lunchtime. And we'll only be £1 down. RESULT.

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