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Photo credit:  Artworks Palm Green Half Tile GPG9002, Original Style
Photo credit: Artworks Palm Green Half Tile GPG9002, Original Style

Green isn't just a hit in the kitchen, it's also the most covetable colour in the bathroom, too.

A new report by online bathroom retailer, Victorian Plumbing, has revealed the biggest bathroom colour trends of 2021. It turns out earthy tones are dominating the bathroom because sage and pistachio are the most in-demand bathroom colours of the year.

It's no surprise that green bathrooms are trending. These distinctive shades of green (sage and pistachio) lend themselves to a restorative space, perfect for a soothing evening soak in the bath. But if these shades aren't quite for you, a slightly bolder green which has also made the list is the rich and vibrant emerald.

Photo credit: Victorian Plumbing
Photo credit: Victorian Plumbing

Thanks to leading colour experts Pantone, the vibrant and energetic Greenery was named their Colour of the Year way back in 2017, and still, after influencing home, fashion and lifestyle trends, it seems we just can't get enough of this calm, comforting and harmonious hue.

At a time when bringing the outside in is becoming an essential element of home decorating, and we're becoming more conscious than ever about our health and wellbeing and connecting with nature, embracing shades of green into our living space couldn't be more relevant – especially in the bathroom.

Here are some green bathroom ideas and top tips on bringing greenery into this space.

1. A touch of luxe

It's not just living rooms that can look stylish – up the style stakes by bringing a touch of luxe to your bathroom scheme. 'Team greens with a darker colour palette to bring out the sophisticated and timeless side of this colour,' says Jo Crane, designer and showroom manager at Ripples Reigate. 'Look to add a touch of metallic and champagne hues.'

Photo credit: Ripples
Photo credit: Ripples

2. Contemporary vs. Traditional

With so many shades of green available, choosing the right hue will depend on the style and decor of your bathroom. Jo advises: 'When it comes to green, the end result will depend on the tone of colour you have used. If your bathroom has a nod towards the traditional then you need to be looking at olive greens. If a contemporary space is more your style then the bolder the better.'

Photo credit: Ripples
Photo credit: Ripples

3. Trial the trend

'If you want to trial the trend then look at accessories – many suppliers are now introducing green acrylic tables and mirrors which add an instant update,' explains Jo. 'A statement radiator in a pop of colour is also a great design option; coloured radiators not only lift a space but can increase heat output up to 20 per cent too.'

Alternatively, you can introduce smaller green accents into your bathroom, like a toothbrush holder and soap dish, or a set of green towels.


4. Plant life

We're always talking about the benefits of houseplants and how to create an indoor oasis, and that shouldn't stop in the bathroom. From shower plants to trailing plants, choose a humidity-loving houseplant for your bathroom

'The introduction of plant life into the bathroom makes this space connect with the outside and turns it from a cold clinical space into a living space; one you want to spend time in,' says Jo.

Not green-fingered? Fake it with an artificial plant instead.

Photo credit: Waters Baths of Ashbourne/Jake Eastham
Photo credit: Waters Baths of Ashbourne/Jake Eastham


5. Create a statement

'If you want to create quite the statement in your bathroom then painting the external surface of a bath can really lift the space,' Jo suggests. 'Opt for a subtle shade of green, mixed with encaustic tiles to create a hotel-inspired bathroom.'

Photo credit: Nick Pope - Getty Images
Photo credit: Nick Pope - Getty Images

6. The Detail is in the Décor

Jo says a popular way of adding colour into your bathroom is with a feature tile or the use of different materials. But, 'it's important to go sparingly,' she warns. 'Look to introduce a mosaic detail in a shower recess, coloured glass would work well too – consider using the glass as a vanity unit in a splash of cool mint green.'

Photo credit: Ripples
Photo credit: Ripples

7. Bring the outdoors in

'Green works beautifully with natural woods – I'm always a fan of forest greens mixed with copper and brass tones for your fittings too,' says Jo. 'Consider using lighter tones of wood with darker greens and walnut tones to offset those brighter lime greens.'

Photo credit: Tile Mountain
Photo credit: Tile Mountain

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