The Great British Bake Off: meet the contestants, start date and more

Paul, Alison, Noel and Prue filming Bake Off 2023
Paul, Alison, Noel and Prue filming Bake Off 2023 (Instagram)

The Great British Bake Off is just around the corner, with 12 contestants competing for the title of Star Baker. Joining them, Dame Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood will be returning to the tent – let's hope for an even bake and no soggy bottoms! Plus, Noel Fielding and Alison Hammond will be dishing up the jokes as they team up to host this year.

Here's what you need to know about season 14, plus meet the baking hopefuls for 2023.

When does series 14 of The Great British Bake Off start?

Mark your calendars! The 14th season of The Great British Bake Off will commence on Tuesday 26th September at 8pm on Channel 4.

Prue Leith, Noel Fielding, Alison Hammond and Paul Hollywood on Bake Off
Prue Leith, Noel Fielding, Alison Hammond and Paul Hollywood on Bake Off (Channel 4)


Meet the cast of the The Great British Bake Off series 14

12 budding bakers will be heading to the iconic tent for the competition. Introducing the class of 2023…


Born in Yorkshire, Abbi honed her baking skills as a teenager, whipping up plenty of delicious recipes with her mum. A fan of the Victorian era, and the traditional bakes of the time, including steamed puddings and fruit cakes. A lover of the great outdoors, you'll also find Abbi foraging for seasonal ingredients, and growing her own vegetables. Combining comfort and familiarity with a nod to nature, Abbi's bakes have a fairytale feel to them, and we can't wait to see what she creates this season!

Abbi from Bake Off
Abbi is a fan of the Victorian era and the traditional bakes of the time (Channel 4)


Film and theatre fan Amos describes his baking style as "traditional with a modern twist." During his childhood in Nottingham, Amos watched in wonder as his mum worked on the most beautiful bakes, and he's followed in her footsteps ever since. When it comes to creating new recipes, Amos isn't afraid to explore different flavour profiles, so we reckon he could be this season's wild card, and create something totally new and unexpected.

Amos form Bake Off
Amos is happy to explore different flavour profiles (Channel 4)

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As a doting mum of four, Cristy has spent plenty of time baking birthday cakes, and other mouth-watering recipes. Describing her style as "enchanted and pretty," Cristy also draws flavour inspiration from her own Israeli heritage and from her husband's Jamaican roots. The GBBO website credits Cristy as a "dab hand with decoration" so we'll be looking to her for the most beautiful designs.

Cristy's bakes take inspiration from her own Israeli heritage and from her husband's Jamaican roots
Cristy's bakes take inspiration from her own Israeli heritage and from her husband's Jamaican roots (Channel 4)


Dan's love of cooking was sparked by his 2007 travels to South America. With a penchant for pies and puddings, Dan's also a pro at shortcrust pastry, thanks to some top tips from his mother-in-law. A perfectionist in everything he does, Dan's happy to take on the most difficult recipes in each and every cookbook he owns, so it sounds like he's gonna deliver some jaw-dropping bakes.

Dan from Bake Off series 14.
Dan has a penchant for pies and puddings (Channel 4)


A self-professed untidy baker, Dana is all about experimenting. After discovering her passion for baking at the age of 16, Dana quickly became her family's go-to celebration cake-maker. With a "rustic and homely" style that's always a treat to the eye, Dana loves a semi-naked cake with neat lines, pretty piping and minimalist decoration, but she also loves adding a twist or two, usually by incorporating familiar spices associated with her Indian heritage.

Dana from Bake Off
Dana loves to experiment with her bakes (Channel 4)


A chemist by trade, Josh is known for his precision, plus an enthusiasm for experimenting. When it comes to inspiration, Josh looks to old baking books which he uses to reinvent classic recipes with a contemporary twist. With dreams of having his own artisan bakery one day, we're looking forward to seeing what Josh brings to the table (pun intended).

Josh from Bake Off
Josh has a passion for reinventing classic recipes (Channel 4)


Keith began baking from a young age, whipping up Apple pies, fairy cakes and traditional dishes from his mum's home in Malta. Keen to take on a challenge, complex bakes are part of Keith's repertoire, and he's recently been looking to baking books from the early 1970s to attempt recipes that were one "beyond" him. Among his specialties, Keith is particularly fond of baking bread, and his partner Sue and adorable poodle Masie, regularly wake up to the heavenly smell of a freshly baked loaf.

Keith from Bake Off
Keith loves to challenge himself with complex bakes (Channel 4)


Matty has learnt the tricks of the trade from online patisserie videos, and he's now his family's designated baker. A fan of more traditional flavours, Matty loves to incorporate chocolate, citrus and nuts into his recipes, which he also describes as "rustic but neat." Following his time in the tent, Matty has another big challenge on his hands, as he prepares to make his own wedding cake, commissioned by his fiancée, Lara.

Matty from Bake Off smiling
Matty loves to incorporate traditional flavours like chocolate, citrus and nuts into his recipes (Channel 4)


Nicky's fondest memories took place at her Gran's kitchen table, where she'd roll out pastries and decorate cakes. While pastries are her forte, Nicky's also a skilled baker of bread and regularly creates different breads and birthday cakes for her niece and grandchildren. "Like a pair of comfy old slippers; little traditional bakes that evoke fond memories," is how Nicky describes her baking style.

Nicky from Bake Off smiling
Nicky is a pro at pastries (Channel 4)


Scones, pork pies, shortbread and traditional jam tarts are among Rowan's earliest baking memories. A student of English Literature, Rowan's uni friends are constantly impressed by his culinary skills, and he recently baked the most epic 21st birthday cake – a three-tier, 12-layer masterpiece. "Go big, or go home," is this baker's motto, so we're hoping for a showstopper!

Rowan from Bake Off
"Go big or go home" is Rowan's motto (Channel 4)


Born in Sri-Lanka, Saku loves to use the traditional flavours of her heritage, including curry spices, in her savoury bakes. When it comes to sweeter recipes however, cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg are among her go-to flavours. A self-taught baker, Saku's children often discover plenty of homemade treats in their lunchboxes, which she's replicated from snacks she's seen in the supermarket.

Saku from Bake Off smiling.
Saku loves using traditional Sri-Lankan flavours in her bakes (Channel 4)


Rounding out the class of 2023 is Tasha, a theatre fan with a fearless approach to baking. It was during her childhood that she discovered her passion for baking, and during secondary school she was quickly encouraged by her Food Technology teacher to pursue it further. For Tasha, baking is an outlet for creativity, and she's particularly interested in curating near-impossible designs.

Tasha from Bake Off
Tasha loves to take on near-impossible designs (Channel 4)