Gravy Fondue Turns Your Dinner Party Into A Night To Remember

Gravy fondue served with vegetables
Gravy fondue served with vegetables - The Lucky Club Camden / Instagram

Fondue is loved not only for its cheesiness but also for its interactive style of eating. Family or groups of friends gather around a burbling pot of melted cheese and dip crusty chunks of bread into it. What's not to enjoy? Fondue originates from Switzerland, and we can thank the Swiss for providing people worldwide with a template to enjoy other liquid treats like chocolate, oil, and even gravy. Gravy is relatively new to the fondue game, but this savory liquid makes an impressive dinner party centerpiece. Here's why.

Gravy refers to a rich, luxurious sauce commonly poured over a variety of foods; it is served in this manner in the United Kingdom and the United States, with a few differences. On a British plate, gravy is poured over roasted meats and vegetables, while gravy in the U.S. is commonly associated with biscuits and Thanksgiving. British gravy is a thin, dark sauce made with meat drippings, stock, a light roux, and cooking wine. In America, English-style gravy exists, but the classic country gravy used to top biscuits features a thick roux, sausage, and lots of milk. Both gravies are worthy of a gravy fondue, but the English variety may be a better choice since it's a bit runnier and pairs very well with ingredients that hold up to being dunked, like vegetables, meats, and bread.

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What To Serve With Gravy Fondue

Roasted broccoli and cauliflower
Roasted broccoli and cauliflower - Viktor Sergeevich/Shutterstock

Gravy fondue does not discriminate what gets dipped into it, allowing it to function as a fun appetizer or main course to a dinner party. As an appetizer, one might choose to focus on roasted vegetables and cubed bread to pair with the gravy. Potatoes and gravy are a classic duo, so roasted baby potatoes or potato wedges are a must for gravy fondue. You can use plain olive oil to roast the potatoes since the gravy delivers ample flavor. Alternatively, apply a buttery herb rub with thyme, rosemary, or parsley before roasting.

Another vegetable pick is the mushroom. Cremini or portobello mushrooms roasted in large chunks or whole -- depending on their size -- will make fungi fans happy. Other gravy-worthy vegetables are cruciferous cauliflower, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts. These vegetables roast well, and their flowery heads do a great job soaking up gravy in their crevasses.

Fondue typically leans towards the appetizer category. However, if served with meats, it becomes an extravagant main course at a dinner party. When it comes to gravy and meats, practically anything goes. Slices of turkey tap into Thanksgiving, while fried chicken is reminiscent of American comfort food. For a British-style fondue, roast beef or steak are meatier options. The joy of gravy fondue lies in its potential to cater to everyone, so feel free to pull out all the options at your next dinner party.

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