Grantchester's Tom Brittney shares first look at new Netflix role after show exit

Tom Brittney in Grantchester
Tom Brittney in Grantchester (PBS/ITV)

Grantchester star Tom Brittney has shared a glimpse at his first role since leaving the popular detective drama. The actor, who announced his departure from the ITV series last year, is set to appear in an upcoming action comedy film starring Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx.

Titled Back in Action, the Netflix movie follows former CIA spies Emily and Matt who are dragged back into the world of espionage after their cover is blown.

Tom stars alongside Kyle Chandler, Glenn Close, Andrew Scott, Jamie Demetriou, McKenna Roberts, and Rylan Jackson in the film, which premieres on November 15.

Glenn Close as Ginny, Jamie Demetriou as Nigel, Cameron Diaz as Emily and Jamie Foxx as Matt in Back In Action
Glenn Close as Ginny, Jamie Demetriou as Nigel, Cameron Diaz as Emily and Jamie Foxx as Matt in Back In Action (John Wilson/Netflix)

Taking to Instagram, the Kent-born star reshared a post from his talent agency United Agents, which posted a photo from the film.

The caption read: "Release date and first look images of @netflix new feature #BackInAction have just dropped.

"The action comedy will be released on 15th November and the all-star cast includes UA's Andrew Scott, Jamie Demetriou and @TomBrittney."

Cameron Diaz as Emily and Jamie Foxx as Matt in Back In Action
Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx play two former CIA agents (John Wilson/Netflix)


Tom's post comes as the actor prepares to bid farewell to Will Davenport in series nine of Grantchester. The 33-year-old, who has starred opposite Robson Green in the drama since 2019, will hand over the reins to new leading man Rishi Nair in series nine.

Explaining the reason behind his departure after six years on the show, Tom told The Rakish Gent that he "wanted to see what else was out there and play different people for a while".

The upcoming season of Grantchester will air on June 16 on PBS in the US, with a UK release date yet to be announced.

Tom Brittney, Robson Green and Rishi Nair in Grantchester
Tom Brittney, Robson Green and Rishi Nair in series nine of Grantchester (PBS)

So, what can fans expect from the new episodes?

When we return to the idyllic Cambridgeshire village in series nine, it's 1961 and life is good for Will and Geordie. Their families are always together, along with honorary Grandparents Mrs C and Jack, and adopted uncles Daniel and Leonard.

But when Will is "approached with a life-changing offer", he reconsiders his future in Grantchester. Meanwhile, Geordie struggles with personal loss and his ever-growing family conflict between wife Cathy and their teenage daughter, Esme.

TOM BRITTANY as Will Davenport in Grantchester
Series nine marks Tom's last (Stuart Wood)

"But when he arrests an intruder breaking into the Vicarage, he may find his days of working with a Vicar are not over," continues the synopsis. "Reverend Alphy Kotteram has an instinctive distrust for authority and absolutely no desire to get involved in murder investigations. But Alphy and Geordie will discover they have a lot more in common than they first think, and Alphy will find that in Grantchester, murder is never far away."

The series will delve into a new set of crimes, from "deadly circuses, abandoned babies, and hostile historians to vanishing valets and murderous satirists".

"Together, Geordie and Alphy witness first-hand how religion can be corrupted, but also how faith, love and friendship can offer hope – and renewal," the synopsis concludes.