Government removes ‘sexist’ stay home ad that shows women cleaning and homeschooling

The government ad shows women cleaning and homeschooling (UK Government)
The government ad shows women cleaning and homeschooling (UK Government)

The government has removed an ad that was branded ‘sexist’ after it received a slew of backlash on social media.

The ad advised people to ‘Stay Home’ via a series of illustrations of women doing housework and homeschooling kids.

The four illustrations show a couple at home with a child, a woman holding a baby next to an ironing board, a woman homeschooling two children, and a woman and a young girl doing housework.

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Many on social media were quick to point out the ad’s ‘sexist’ nature with one user saying it was “like a scene from the 1950s”.

Dr. Pragya Agarwal, a behavioural and data scientist, tweeted: “Who made this? And who approved it? Heteronormative. Reinforcing the view that it is a woman’s job to homeschool, clean, do the childcare. Are the men out there fighting a war or something?”

Earlier this week, Chancellor Rishi Sunak said in the House of Commons: “We owe mums everywhere an enormous debt of thanks,” referring to juggling childcare duties along with other responsibilities.

This comment was picked up by writer Lorraine Candy who said: “Back to the 1950s. What’s wrong with these men? His wife works does she not? Is he implying women have to do the childcare? Surely this is out of context. He cannot be this stupid or sexist... or can he?”

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One user replied to the tweet with an image of the now-removed ad saying: “Ahhhh so this must have been his idea …”

Candy replied saying: “Yes this made me furious yesterday.”

Another user added: “WTAF this is outrageous.”

The ad was originally posted on the government’s Facebook page, Glamour reports, but it has since been deleted.

Before it was removed, one comment said: “It's the woman teaching her daughter how to do chores that really gets me, welcome to 1921.”

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After taking the ad down, a spokesperson for the government said: "This infographic does not reflect the Government's view and has been removed from the campaign."

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