From goth eyes to no knickers: this week’s fashion trends

<span>Photograph: Jerritt Clark/Getty</span>
Photograph: Jerritt Clark/Getty

Going up

Siouxsie Sioux eyes As seen on Willow Smith – we’re here for it, and any level of goth.

The Prada triangle Now starring on Lil’ Kim’s fringe, as a kind of third eye. Very futuristic, very fashion.

Rewatching Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion If you need an excuse, the 1997 comedy was on the moodboard for new film Zola.

Nicolas Di Felice The new designer at Courrèges, with Marc Jacobs’ approval. Shiny, shiny is the mood.

Batwings, cardigans, and big hair A Golden Girls fashion revival is incoming now all the series are on Disney+.

Going down

‘The acoustic version’ Shows such as The Handmaid’s Tale and Cruel Summer using cappuccino-lite takes on classic hits. No, thank you.

Pants Dresses without sides – as worn by Jodie Turner-Smith – mean underwear could be over.

£140 toothpaste It might taste like chocolate, but it also takes a bite out of our bank balance.

Sneaker collabs Jumped the shark, according to streetwear site Highsnobiety.

Celebrity beauty lines Pharrell? Definitely. Scott Disick? Not so much.

Short shorts Is it time for clown-ish culottes to return? Yes, we think so.